Rambling Over Coffee: That poor little 2 year old girl stranded in China without her parents now that her Dad has contracted the Coronavirus

I opened this editor window to post early this morning.  Here it is after 1:00 pm and I'm just now returning to it. Mondays.  What can you do?  Trudge through them.

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now and my brain just needed a break so I came to the computer with some sparkling water and clicked on news headlines.  I am not actually reading most of them since I refuse to deal with hatred, bullying, lies and the ugliness that is permeated through our news media anymore. 

But I did see a headline about a little 2 year old girl currently stuck in China... and oh, my heart broke.

For weeks the local government had maintained that 
the number of cases remained steady at 41 and 
that it was tied to a food market. 
Since then, it's ballooned to 
over 40,600 cases with at 
least 908 deaths. 

She is Canadian.  Her family is Chinese.  In mid-January they got word the grandfather (back in China) was dying of complications from cancer.  His son was to fly to China to say goodbye and booked a flight for him and his little 2 year old daughter.  Once there however, they found out the Coronavirus was much worse than the Chinese were letting on to the news media.  The grandfather not only tested positive for the virus but then the Dad came down with it.

The little 2 year old toddler, now parent-less in China, far away from her home in Canada, was taken in to be cared for by a neighbor.  However that neighbor soon contracted the virus and was hospitalized as well.  The little toddler was then (and now is) being cared for by a cousin and a slew of volunteer/employees of the hospital.

The mother, back in Canada is sick with worry.  She is hoping for an emergency evacuation of her baby from the heart of the virus epicenter.