Rambling Over Coffee: Woke this morning with Kiss From a Rose playing over and over (and over) in my head

Now that your rose is in bloom
A light hits the gloom on the gray
Yes, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray
Ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

https://amzn.to/2H5AWn7Typical for me, I woke with yet another random song in my head.  This was a single from 1994 - released again in 1995 for a soundtrack in a movie, which made it popular.  Kiss From A Rose.

Why it's playing on repeat over and over in my head, I have no idea because I haven't heard it played lately and I don't think I even played music at all yesterday - and I was home all day yesterday too!   

The only reason this song was bugging me is that the line "when it snows, my eyes become large and the light that you shine can't be seen..."   which is just.... obscure?  I don't know.  So I found myself laying in bed listening to this play over and over and thinking about the lyrics.  Over thinking the lyrics, I'm sure.  But I'm in good company.  Seal (the artist who wrote and sang the song) has never explained the meaning of it other than saying it's about "a relationship of some type"  which could mean a human relationship, or a relationship with drugs... both of which are fitting to the lyrics of the song.  He also said he was embarrassed about this song after he wrote it and tossed the tape into a corner and tried to forget about it.  Again, that could be human or drug related.  And the internet is full of people discussing it.

My 7 seconds of dwelling on the topic however is over.  So, although the song is still playing in my head, I really don't care what it's about.  I do know that it was one of our 'road trip' songs back in the mid 90's.  That song played across thousands of miles.  However, we were fans of it as a single and once it hit the Batman soundtrack and became popular with the rest of the world, it was overplayed and we started to hit 'next' and fast forward through it. 


When I opened this editing box about an hour ago I had a few different topics to chit chat about but life gets in the way and since then I've already dealt with a phone call regarding stocks, emails regarding life insurance quotes and texts regarding details of hosting a baby shower.  And it's only 8:30 am.  But I've got 3 cups of hot coffe in me, so there's that! 

Perhaps I'll get back to the topics I was going to chit chat over coffee about but I've lost my mojo for now and really feel the need to get started on my to-do list today.  Right now I have 7 priorities and about five or six 'try to fit in when and if you can' items on that list.  So... more coffee, less talk!