Rambling Over Coffee: Yay! Promotional Materials for My Valentine's Day Gifts!

If you read my St. Valentine's Day post you'll know that my husband was returning home from a business trip and I mentioned my V-day gifts would be marketing materials from his suitcase.

He and I had a good laugh over this last night as I laid on our bed watching him unpack his suitcase....

Out came the bag... out came... a water bottle!  (Nailed it!)
Out came loads of hand sanitizer!  (Called it!)
Surprise... a cell phone rechargeable power bank (Yes!)
And an awesome surprise, a t-shirt!  (A lot of companies aren't spending the money on t-shirts for marketing anymore so I wasn't expecting this one but not only was it a t-shirt but it's a really comfortable one!  The fabric is soft and comfortable like it's already 6 years old, washed a zillion times and is all broke in.  I was pretty excited, so I wore it to bed last night and have it on right now.)

As he gifted me all the marketing stuff, I told him about my Coffee Talking post that morning and how the only thing missing that I thought I'd see was a pen.

He grinned.  Reached into his backpack and slowly pulled out... the logo-embellished pen! We laughed.

I told him to keep the pen.

Oh!  And I got my In-N-Out sticker!!!!  I knew I'd get something from there and I hoped it would be a new sticker.  It was.

Do I know my husband or what!?


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