Rambling over morning coffee.....

We've been dreading this week...   Mr. Coffee and I have, that is.

My husband has a 'new' boss that is, hmmm.  Something else.  Everyone in this entire district is standing there staring at this guy with their mouths hanging open, looking at each other and asking "How the hell did this guy get hired?  Who does he know?  What goods does he have on someone higher up?"

He's actually been in his 'position' for over a month now (almost 2 I think)  but even though he's supposedly had this exact job in the past, he had/has NO idea what to do or how to do it so he's been in 'training' for 4+ weeks, then meetings and then the company was buying him a house and moving him and now, he's finally going to go around and supposedly start doing his job but....  he's informed the person he's been shadowing and training with that they have to spend the next two weeks with him, still training him.  HIS request - not the company's.  This guy has NO IDEA what he is doing.

It's almost like he completely lied and faked his resume' because seriously...  clueless.  To the point where even people not in our district that saw him and overheard him were asking my husband and others just "WHO" that angry, rude, pissed off guy was that was yelling at them at the meeting?  "Oh, that's our new boss..."

For the record, new bosses in this position in the past usually come in, get about 2 weeks of training and then... start.

This guy has been learning and training and shadowing since....  Christmas week I think.  Something like that.

The sad thing is that at his corporate level he doesn't have a 'boss' to see what he's doing.  It's all managed from a few states away... so he basically does whatever he wants and all they look at are the numbers.  They have no idea he is clueless, unprofessional, is being hand-held and literally taught every little detail of how to do his job...  for over a month now... and by the same person that wanted and should have been hired for his job.

This week and next is the first one-on-one time all the people in this area will be truly meeting him and speaking with him (because they weren't allowed to talk to him for the past month - he could talk to them but he refused to speak to anyone under him and they couldn't talk without permission.  And he didn't speak.  He screamed. He swore. He threatened.  About things that weren't even... an issue.

Like, he would be screaming on conference calls that the sky is BLUE.  Do you hear me?  BLUE.  And I don't want anyone to tell me otherwise!  If I say the sky is blue then damnit, that fucking sky is BLUE!  DO YOU ALL AGREE?  I didn't hear you! Speak the fuck up!  Every one of you, one at a time, do you agree!?"

A gem of a new boss, right?

We only wish he had a boss that was able to see him and hear him... but no.

So, we expect now that he's officially 'here' he's going to prove how big his balls are by firing people left and right and showing everyone 'who's boss'.

Meanwhile, all the friends across the country at other locations really like their area bosses.  Apparently this guy has the wrong idea about how to manage people and what the company wants.

But... he's here.
And this is what we got.

So... yeah.

A bit nervous about the husbands job for the next few months until this guy... settles down.

Don't mind my rambling... I just needed to vent a little bit I think and not put my thoughts and fears on Mr. Coffee's already laden down shoulders.  It's just the coffee talking again.