Rambling over a ZipFizz: Guilt over Amazon Sunday Delivery

I normally ramble over coffee but I did indeed switch to a tropical fruit Zipfizz after I last posted.  I also got dressed, put some face cream and foundation on (to hide my never-going-away dark circles under my eyes) and tossed a load of laundry in the washer.

I have a delivery coming today (so my email tells me).  Amazon.  Frames. Vintage Walnut, Carbonized Black and Vintage White.  Along with another brand of Rustic Brown Barnwood.  Replacing the 4X6 frames I have around the house in the black and red cedar that went with the Tuscany decor I was forced into when we moved here.  (See my previous post.)  I looked locally but the prices were insane ($24.99 for ONE distressed white frame at Michaels, and poor choices and high prices even at Walmart.  No affordable options for 8 frames at TJMaxx or At Home... so Amazon it is.  They just make it so affordable and easy.)

I always feel guilty when Amazon delivers things on Sunday though.  I feel like we are so spoiled and pampered that we have to make someone deliver something stupid and little like a photo frame, on a Sunday?  And Amazon rushing to ship things to certain regions in hours... not days.  Hours.  How absolutely spoiled are we as a society that we think this is necessary?  I really, truly do not need my picture frames on a Sunday.  I could wait until Monday!  I just click on the 'free shipping' 5-7 days and get what I get.  I know someone is making money delivering today and it's their job.  So it's cool I guess.  But I still feel so embarrassed for our society that we think we should be able to order something on our phones and have it delivered to our doors within hours.   There are so many more important things in life.

WHY am I still here typing away boring thoughts in a post?  Because I've decided to stay home today.  The errands that need to be ran will be better ran not on a Sunday. Because the stores will be less busy on a random Tuesday than the weekend.  So... pink shorts, a green t-shirt, hair pulled back and barefoot.  I'm going to finish cleaning up the main floor bathroom that I repainted yesterday and then will do the pain-in-the-butt task of grinding meat.

Yes.  You read that right.  Because we don't buy ground beef from the store.  I grind it all myself so I know it comes from one cut of beef or pork - not up to 300-400 different cows and pigs.  More chance of e-coli and other things getting into the packaged meat.  I buy chuck roasts and pork loins and cut and grind it all myself.   I never used to buy the pork, as we aren't a big 'pork' loving family except for bacon (!!!) but I've discovered a love of using ground pork in my stir-fry instead of chicken (because I don't really care for chicken).  So today I'll be grinding 4 roasts and a really large pork loin.

But first... coffee tropical fruit flavored ZipFizz.