Rambling.... rambling, rambling over coffee..... ZipFizz B12, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Six Books, Painting

It's early Sunday morning.  Mr. Coffee is working and I'm here, in a silent house. I think the cup of coffee I'm brewing right now is number 3.  Not sure if I'll finish it though, as coffee is starting to taste 'meh' to me now which means I'm about 'over it' for the morning and will make it into iced coffee (so not to waste it) and then, will switch to ice water or a vitamin drink.

I've been loving ZipFizz Energy B12 drink packets lately.

Normally I drink coffee, then switch to sparkling waters and regular ice cold tap water, crushed ice and sometimes, maybe throw a sparkling hard seltzer in there, then every night one more crushed (pulverized) crushed ice eaten with a spoon while I surf the web or put in a Friends or Big Bang Theory DVD (I own both full dvd sets of the series.)  I used to enjoy a zero carb, zero sugar Monster once in a great while, but those were/are too sweet for me and the sweetness hurts my teeth.

I've been busy this week, but in my down time I've been studying and researching a couple random topics in deeper depth than I anticipated.  It started innocently enough with wanting to study 'women of the bible'.  Before I knew it, I was finding more and more offshoots of topics I couldn't wait to research even more.  Now, I sometimes feel as if I'm drowning in topics and information as I try to absorb all the interesting reading and point of views on the various branches of this - what I thought was simple - topic.  (Apocrypha, Agnes Smith Lewis and her sister Margaret Gibson (Westminster Sisters), a Protestant Marian cult of the fourth century, the “Six Books” Dormition Apocryphon and more.  It kind of ties in with what's going on in Germany right now too, and to some extent, here in the US. Some of these people are a little nutty.)

And I've been painting.  Again.

It's never ending in this house.  Has been since we moved in about 8 1/2 years ago.

This time I tackled the main floor bathroom. 

Remember the golden wheat/sage greenish khaki that was so popular 10 years ago?  Our entire house came in that shade - every inch of every wall - and it was a very 'sagey green' tint.  

(In hindsight I should have just started painting it the gray that I wanted to.  It was 2011-2012 and gray wasn't as popular as it is now, but it's what I wanted.  Grays and whites and neutrals. While most people were still doing golds, khaki's, reds and greens.  Tuscany.)  I wanted light gray walls, white furniture, neutral shades.  But I couldn't because of the stark contrast of the colors that would take me a year to repaint all the walls - looking goofy in the meantime, and the fact we had dogs and cats... so, no white leather furniture.  Claws and pet hair.

After a couple years of repainting the khaki green to a more khaki gold... I really really hated that too but couldn't do the gray I wanted yet.  And I was still pissed that I never got to do more neutral shades of walls and furniture.  BUT the cats passed away (old age) and our dogs are old now, and aren't destructive puppies anymore.  I COULD FINALLY DO WHAT I WANTED!  So I slowly switched to a grayish khaki - less gold.  And bought some oatmeal/cream colored furniture.

That is why I mention painting all the time.  Because it's a big house and I've had to repaint everything like, 4 times by now to slowly get from the sage green to gold to wheat to.... khaki gray.  Which isn't the light gray I'd love, but that gray got too popular and EVERYONE is doing it so I kind of don't want to for that reason, plus, it's a fad and will die out soon.  Perhaps this neutral "Loggia" color will suffice for a few years.

In the meantime, I still need to do the master bathroom, one guest room upstairs, a hallway and then... the basement.

... and I'm rambling.  It was just the coffee talking again.   Now, my coffee is cold.  The dogs are waiting to go out.  And... I need to decide what my goals and tasks are for today and make a game plan.

These are the ZipFizz I mentioned.  I'm currently loving the fruit punch (even though I hate every other thing flavored 'fruit punch').  I can only get fruit punch, orange and grape locally.    However, I can order a ton of different flavors online and I have to in my 'save for later' list!  I want the grapefruit and the pink lemonade flavors!

  Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Fruit Punch, 20 Count

  Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Orange Soda, 20 Count

  Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Black Cherry, 20 Count