Random News - In Case You Missed Some of Them

2020 candidate Joe Biden told a woman voter that she was a lying, dog-faced pony soldier

At a campaign stop in Hampton, NH, 2020 candidate Joe Biden told a woman voter that she was a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier" after she asked him why voters should believe that he can win the national election after his abysmal performance in Iowa...

White kid stops high school basketball game with a breakaway between-the-legs dunk

....a ridiculous breakaway between-the-legs dunk, Isaiah Rider style, during a high school game

P.S. Before you ask, I know you're thinking, "Why'd you have to mention that he's white, huh?"
Well, how many white guys have you seen pull off a between-the-legs dunk??

"Paying tithing is more of a sense of commitment than it is the church needing the money," Mr. Clarke said. "So they never wanted to be in a position where people felt like, you know, they shouldn't make a contribution."

Mormon Church kept $100B investment fortune secret for fear members wouldn't tithe, says head of fund.  Clarke and former Ensign employees claim that the Mormon investment firm created a system of more than a dozen shell companies to make its stock investments harder to track.

A theater in New York City wants to charge white patrons nearly 50 percent more for tickets

 Following media reports, the theater altered its website to read that the "two-tiered pricing" was "suggested, but not required." The "unique ticketing model" for the play "prioritizes access for people of color," the theater said.