Snapchat has been sending me notifications that "NULL has added to their Snapchat story"

For the past couple weeks since I had updated my Snapchat to whatever the latest version is, I stopped getting about 60% of the story notifications of my friends/family.

I get them 'sometimes' and it's hit or miss - quite random. 

The same family and friends adding to their stories but hit or miss if Snapchat is notifying me like it should... (and has for the past 5/6 years without issues).

And yes, perhaps I need to state the obvious... that yes notifications are turned on to get updates from them, including when they update or add to their stories.  

I've also deleted the app and reloaded it to see if that would help.  Nope.

Luckily most of my family and close friends not only put the video or photo on their story but send a copy to me directly as well - it's what we've all started doing to make sure we are getting each others photos and videos.  We just automatically hit about 4-5 close friends or family to send the same image to that we are posting on our story (to make sure they get it).

But for instance, last night I opened up Snapchat and clicked on my friends list to see if any of the little circles were lit up with a new story and sure enough - my son had added to his story. 
NO notification. 
He didn't send it to anyone direct, as it was a stupid one and just for fun on his story but there is no reason for snapchat to have not notified me.

It seems like the bigger they try to make that stupid app by adding all sorts of crap that no one wants or even uses, it just starts messing up more and more.  Lots of little bugs.

The most interesting one is that not only is it 'hit or miss' whether I'm getting notifications of my friends adding to their stories, but 40% of the notifications I DO get don't have the names attached.  Instead, someone in Snapchat's programming f-ed up with the coding because it will tell me;

Null has just updated their story....

(Null being the code programmers use when there is nothing there... as a fill in.  Like when you do mass mailings in a word program and you use {name} for the computer to fill in the names from your data source.)

*Update to add a little screenshot of the latest "NULL ADDED TO THEIR STORY" - for the record, it was my daughter, whose name is NOT 'null'.  And Snapchat has known her name all morning... but apparently suddenly forgot it by 1:00 this afternoon.  See?  Random.  Hit or miss.

I have to open my notification to go into Snapchat to see WHICH of my family and friends have updated their story.  Sometimes snapchat uses their name in my notification "Kristin has updated their story"  but the next day Snapchat might just say "Null has updated their story" and opening Snapchat I'll see it was Kristin.

No rhyme or reason that I've found and it's only started happening in the past couple weeks since I went ahead and updated the app (which I usually drag my feet about doing because the updates are ALWAYS WORSE than the previous versions....)

Seriously, I would LOVE to go back to the Snapchat of 2016 or even 2017.  It was still a clean and non-evasive program, easy, simple and fast... and it didn't take up a crap-load of memory on my phone either.