When you order fast food, stop pausing after every item or at least say "AND" so they know you are not done ordering!

Tonight I stumbled upon an old random blog - and by old, I mean 2008-2012 ish.  Back when blogging was a thing.  So I'm reading and one of the posts sometime in 2010 was about how exasperated she was over fast-food workers giving her the total sale amount before she was finished ordering.

So the example she was complaining about was an evening when she had her pre-teen kids with her and they stopped at two different fast food places to get the meals everyone wanted.  As she placed the first item order (after asking questions about precisely what was in some of the food items) she complained on her blog because the kid taking the order gave her the total and asked her pull around front.  She was upset and told him she wasn't finished ordering yet.  He apologized.  She ordered the other items and then informed him she was finished now.  And he apologized, again, and told her the order total.

Then they went to the second fast food place to order the rest of the items they needed and again, she complained THIS employee ALSO gave her the total amount due... and she wasn't finished ordering yet.

Now, you would think that since this happens to her fairly often and it just happened twice in a row, she MIGHT consider that she MIGHT be the offending party here.  Not the employee.  But it never crossed her mind.

Except apparently, when she was complaining about it at the time, in the car, her daughter immediately and without hesitation pointed out that they probably said the total and assumed she was finished "BECAUSE YOU PAUSED!"


Because this is a tiny pet peeve of mine.

It's how my husband orders too!!  Thankfully we only eat fast food about once a year and only on long car trips because otherwise I might have killed him by now.

This is not someone pausing while making their decision - this is people knowing what they want, and placing an order for 3-4 items and they literally stop and pause after every damn item.  For no reason.  And YES it does sound like you are done because normal people would say "I'll take two cheeseburgers, a large diet Coke, a number 7 and extra tartar sauce."  PAUSE.

Not people that order like my husband (and apparently the aforementioned blogger).

"Yeah, I'll uh take... two cheeseburgers..............."

"Will that be all?"

"No, I also want a large diet Coke with that too............."

"Ok, two cheeseburgers and a large diet Coke, your total is----"

"And a number 7..........................."

"Ok I have ----"

"And I also need extra tartar sauce...................."

Silence because now they KNOW this guy is pausing after everything...

"That's all."

"Ok.  Your order is $16.72, please pull around to the first window."

And in the passenger seat you see me looking exasperated and angry and telling him


I told him at the very LEAST and the word "and" so they know you are not done and are ordering another item.  


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