And my shopping expedition yesterday proved that YES the Coronavirus has caused product outages here as well.... "My kingdom for a roll of toilet paper!"

Yesterday morning I set off to run errands; groceries and items needed for an event I'm hosting this weekend at my house and some household items.  Before I left, I got a text from one of my daughters, who had the day off from work and wanted to run errands with me as she had a couple items she needed to pick up too.

I met her at her home and as we made our plans for what errands we had to run I looked at her with a smirk when she told me the 4 items on her 'list' to pick up - all for normal, regular, household use.

  1. Lysol
  2. Clorox Wipes
  3. Toilet Paper
  4. Paper Towels
She wanted to stop by Sam's Club to get them.
I told her with the Coronavirus scare, they were probably out.  They had a full stock of them last week when I was there, but after that photo of the Costco in Washington was spread all over our main stream media, it set off a wave of fear across the nation and everyone thought they had to hoard toilet paper.

She had been working and busy from sun up to sun down and hadn't paid any attention to the news so she had no idea.

I think she almost didn't believe me when I told her I thought Sam's Club might be sold out of some of the items she needed.

We arrived and the first huge, empty space we saw is where the bleach is.  The entire 8 foot section was completely empty; not even a spare cardboard box.  Not even a smidgen of dust marred the surface of that floor.  And right next to it, where I debated buying the 4 pack of Lysol spray last week... empty as well.

And the Clorox wipes and the Member's Mark brand next to it?

Empty space.  If a little beetle was to crawl on that area of the floor, his little pitter-patter could be heard echoing across the vast emptiness.

Yes, my daughter is one of those people who honestly just needed a pack of toilet paper, some paper towels, a can of Lysol and her Clorox wipes that she has cleaned with exclusively and always has on hand since she was a freshman in college.

She wasn't interested in the Coronavirus, hoarding or buying 6 months worth of anything.  Just a simple can of Lysol please!

There were none to be found.

I saw 2 containers of hand soap left, although a man was grabbing one as we walked by; and zero containers of hand sanitizer.   There was also a run on bread items... interestingly enough, people REALLY wanted their hotdog and hamburger buns.  Empty shelves dotted the store 'here and there'. 

I should have taken photos for my blog but I only snapped two photos yesterday and they were sent to a few friends and family... but I'll put them here as a small representation of the post topic

She probably wants me to note; she is 7 1/2 months pregnant here... and was feeling every ounce of that baby yesterday!

Almost without fail, every cart that passed had at least one case of water, (one woman had TWO carts FULL of cases as water, as high as she dared to stack them - that must have been very heavy to pull...) and paper towels.  There were some smaller packs of Charmin left - perhaps 15 or 20 - and almost everyone had toilet paper in their carts.  Honestly I'm sure that was gone by the time we were finished with our grocery shopping (probably within 10 minutes of us passing by it when we arrived).

And the lines!  SO busy for a Monday - the line to check receipts was all the way back to the registers near the food court.  I never see it backed up like that except at Christmas time.


We finished our other errands and at the end of the day, headed out to our last stop;  Walmart.
We were able to get her some toilet paper, but nothing else on her list.

As I was sending out my SOS photos to friends and family, we managed to get word out so one person happened to see some Lysol spray on a shelf at Lowe's and grabbed she and I a can, and although there were no Clorox wipes left, they did see a couple containers of Lysol brand wipes and bought one of them for us.  As he walked by the same shelf about 30 minutes later as he was leaving to pay for his items, those same shelves were now empty.  They said they were expecting a shipment of toilet paper on Friday, so I assume maybe the Lysol spray and wipes will be replenished then too.


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