Grocery store run to Sam's Club... COVID-19 Style

What should be a bright, sunny day has been gray, cold, rainy... dreary.
And since I've not left my home since March 13th, this starts to be my 'whole world' basically.

We are pretty well set with food (as I mentioned in a previous post) so I didn't absolutely HAVE to go to the grocery store, but I knew i would feel better if I could find just a couple food items we were running low on.  Although I had made the decision not to go to the store today, I ended up changing my mind.

It's good that I did for many reasons.
  1. I was able to get some butter, sliced cheese and other items I was hoping to find.
  2. I was able to ask my pregnant daughter and son-in-law if they needed anything, and get them some groceries as well.
  3. It allowed me to see the world still existed outside of my house and this same view that I've stared at for 10 days.
  4. I got a good feel for what the stores have stocked and makes me feel better about getting things we need - or at least things to get by even if they don't have what you 'want'.
Note:  I wasn't sure what the crowds at the store would be like so I made sure I had a full bottle of hand sanitizer, and grabbed an N95 rated face mask from my emergency prep bin.  

I chose Sam's Club primarily because I use the Scan-n-Go app on my phone.  This means I come into little contact with any people or surfaces to touch.  (You scan your own items, put them in your cart, pay with the app on your phone as well, and walk to the door where they scan your phone.  No touching any surfaces or coming in direct contact with cashiers, etc.)

They were wiping down the carts individually as I entered but had no sanitizing wipes so I could re-clean myself to know they were done to my satisfaction.  However, once I entered the store, I was able to stop, grab sanitizer out of my purse, wipe down my hands and the cart handle as well as grabbed a piece of extra packaging paper that on the hose display and laid a piece in my cart to set my purse/backpack on.

The store was very empty in some parts.  There was almost no one around when I first entered.  This is because it's where they have the non-essentials like TV's and jewelry, etc.

The busiest sections were the canned goods aisles with the soups and the meat departments.
There were signs up above most of the food items letting you know you could only buy 1 of each item.

I had to wonder about this though as many times I saw people with more than one in their cart.  I'm not sure if they were stopped or not.  One couple had about 6 boxes of burgers.  Another guy had 2 big packages of chicken breasts.  I'm wondering if people that run restaurants have special letters or something in their business accounts to let them purchase more if they are buying for their business?

My daughter and her husband had requested a fairly small list including things like whole milk, tomatoes, dehydrated hash browns, turkey deli meat, etc.  Most of which I was able to get but not the milk.

She and I both had sliced cheese on our 'lists'.  Since I could only get 1 of each item, we both couldn't get one but if you shop there, you know they have the white 'Swiss American' cheese as well, which is basically almost American and not much Swiss.  I was able to buy one of each so I'll give her one and I'll keep the other.  I did similar with the butter.  There is salted butter and unsalted butter but I couldn't buy 2 of one item so I bought one of each.

We can split the lettuce I bought (Romain comes in a 4 pack).

So basically, shopping wasn't too bad and I was able to figure out ways to get both their family and ours similar items even though I wasn't allowed to buy 2 of anything.

  • They did not have Lysol, toilet paper, Clorox wipes, etc. of course.  I wasn't expecting them to.
  • They had plenty of bread, buns, even canned goods were in stock if you were willing to buy the large gallon sized containers.  The only smaller cans they had at this time were corn.
  • Diapers and baby wipes were pretty well stocked, which surprised me as all these things showed "out of stock" online this morning when I checked before I left.  So - bottom line is that the website isn't the same as what you will find in the stores.

And perhaps it's overkill but everything in my car was misted with Lysol, even though they say the chance of catching the virus on your grocery items is 'probably slim'.  They were misted with Lysol and then after I carried them in the house, they were laid out on the counter and sprayed again, then wiped down with a paper towel and bleach water.

Even my car door handles were sprayed because... that's just who I am.  LOL. 

BESIDES, as I've already mentioned, if we are going to get this virus, it's probably going to come riding in on my husband.

He's not had a day off since March 12th and he's been in the front lines this whole time;  coming into contact with about a thousand people a day last week.  And without gloves, masks or gowns of course.  As much as he is sanitizing and as much Lysol as we are going through, I have a feeling we can only hold out so long before he brings it home.