Hopefully re-quarantining myself again now! Re-stocked with groceries, household goods and random vitamins

Rambling over coffee... Zipfizz  (Yep, I've talked about them before.  I love love love them).

Yesterday I braved the local membership warehouse to restock some things in the fridge and freezer but of course there are things you can't get, things they limit 1 of, and things they don't even carry.  After some debating and pondering I decided a random Wednesday morning would be a good day to head to my 'good' Walmart (it's out in the country on the edge of a small town - 10 miles out of the city).

My list was perhaps 8-10 items long but somehow a lot more 'jumped' into my cart.  Still, I feel really good about the purchases. I even found a random bottle of hydrogen peroxide at the very back of the very bottom shelf to replace the one I gave away to my daughter and her husband yesterday.  Little things like that made me happy.

Everyone has something that eases their anxiety and helps them sleep at night... for me, it's having a very well stocked pantry and freezer.  There are many things I don't care about but to know we are set for food ingredients and I won't have to leave the house now helps me (literally) sleep at night.  

What's your 'comfort' during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic?

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