I feel like I'm supposed to be talking about the Coronavirus... and hoarding and crap

If the mainstream news had never ran a "the sky is falling" story last week about one Costco on the West coast that was experiencing a rush of shoppers buying water, toilet paper and paper towels....   would there be a run on those items now?

Maybe not.

But we're only human, right?  So you see this news story and think;  "Well, I'm not really concerned about the Coronavirus right now, and I certainly don't feel the need to hoard toilet paper but if everyone else is, then I better too!"  

Even if you just plan on buying your 'regular' sized monthly supply of toilet paper... there won't be any.  Because the news made it sound like everyone better rush out and buy up all the supplies there are in case of an apocalypse and all.... 

I did happen to buy one case of toilet paper last week at Sam's Club.  Because... we needed toilet paper.  And it's what I normally purchase and it lasts us a couple months.  At the time there were still plenty on the shelves and no long lines but that was a week ago so, who knows.  Perhaps my own local membership warehouses are low on supplies now too.


This isn't actually what I thought I'd be chatting about over coffee this morning.  But... I need to do a couple things and I'll be back.  Keep the coffee hot for me!


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