It's Coffee Time! Rambling over coffee during this pandemic... well, every morning, actually. Pandemic or not! LOL

This morning I'm here late.  Been busy. I do still have coffee in front of me though!  I think it might be cup number 5?  Shhh.  Hush.

This morning I found a store online that had toilet paper in stock.
WooWhoo!  I was going to order some.
Now, we are not 'out' so yesterday when I was at Walmart doing the two-households shopping, I did see a couple small packs on the shelf, but I left them for someone else that might need them more (desperately) right now.
They were gone when I walked back over that way later.
But as I put the item in my cart online this morning I was warned it was 'low stock' and sure enough, by the time I checked out, the computer updated my cart and took it out and put it in my 'save for later' list as they sold out while I was buying.
Such is life right now.

I do wish I could get my hands on another can of Lysol right now though.  With a spouse working in the public sector 12-14 hours a day among 1000 people, yeah... I'm going through Lysol, bleach water and even gifted homemade hand sanitizer with Thieves Oil that one of my husbands employees made for him/us. 


Yesterday afternoon I decided it would be a good time to find every single bit of medication and every first aid box we own from our cars, my camping gear, the bathroom, etc. and take it all out and inventory everything and then repack all the first aid kits and organize them.

What the heck was I thinking!??

Yeah, talk about an overwhelming mess.
And it's all over my kitchen counters. As in 'no space left on the kitchen counters'.
A cluttered mess.
My head hurt, I was mad and I left it all there last night to deal with today.

So as I hit 'publish' I'm going to go get to work on this task.

Everything from the tiniest Band-Aids to first aid sprays, allergy meds, vitamins, cold medicines, blood clotting packs, Vicks rubs, even tweezers and gauze... 

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