Lost the 80's tonight... and videos that my husband and were in or there for the filming

This isn't a real post, LOL.  It's more of me just taking a really quick jaunt down memory lane.

Back to the 80's.
Late 80's... but still.

I was on youtube looking up some lyrics when I saw a Bon Jovi video on the sidebar so I clicked on it.  It was "You Give Love a Bad Name" (which I don't like that song) but it reminded me of the video I was there for when they filmed it - "Wanted Dead or Alive".

I think I was present for filming one more music video in 1988/1989 but I don't even recall who it was now.  I just remember hanging out with everyone afterwards.  The band (whomever they were - and I'm sure my husband would know if asked him) sat and noodled on their guitars and friends and family just kind of hung around with drinks and talked, and listened to them mostly.


My husband was more into music (he's a guitarist) than I ever was and he went to school in Hollywood and hung out there before and after class to miss the commute in heavy traffic.  Therefore he had a lot more chances to hang out with bands, or attend video shoots (when guys were wanted there for crowd shots... mostly they just wanted girls on the shoots!  Ha ha).

He attended MIT in Hollywood so he had regular interaction with a lot of the 'big names' at the time (many were teachers or guest performers at the school) as well as running into other big names while he was hanging in LA waiting for traffic to die out so he could drive home.

Bands would post at the music school to get crowds to come see them play as it was "pay to play" and they wanted to make sure they were playing to someone... anyone... if they had to pay for it.  So he saw a lot of bands back then as they were trying to make it big - or right before they made it big.  (Whiskey a Go Go and other clubs on the strip made everyone pay-to-play or did pre-sales which is still basically just making the bands pay to play as they had to sell so many tickets ahead of time or couldn't play).  So the bands would make sure all the students at the school knew and would flier the area heavily trying to make sure there were some crowds to play to.

Anyway... I got off on a little rambling memory there.

And honestly I am not as into this post as I was when I was all reminiscing and in the mood to write it.  Which I'm not anymore because it's getting late and I want to go to bed and read!

So I'm going to wrap this up!

A couple of the videos.....

Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy

When they made this video, the friends, family and any guys that were there were to hang out elsewhere, as they only wanted girls in the video (obviously... LOL).  You can see in the video they have the girls come up and dance and pretend to sing.

But as soon as they finished they had a 'hang out with the band' thing going on.

This is where my husband and his friend Scott hung out with them - and funny... the girl with the leather top with studs on it - she was talking to my husband about what videos she had been and such.  He had zero interest in her since he had just gotten married, but his friend Scott was trying SO HARD to talk to her and she would not. talk. to. him.  Not even acknowledge him even though he was standing right next to my husband.  LOL.  Poor Scott.  I'm sure he got over it though in like, 15 seconds.

I just asked my husband about her now - he said she probably hung out and talked to him because she could tell he wasn't interested, so she was comfortable with him. I'm sure she was hoping to get with someone from the band but in the meantime.... she and my husband talked about music videos they had been in, and the bands or people they'd hung out with.

Mr. Big - Addicted To That Rush

My husband and his friend Scott were at this one too.  He's in some of the crowd shots but they are too brief and barely a split second.  Honestly, I knew he was in this video, but I've never, ever in all these years ever watched it!  LOL.  I don't like the song and only liked one of their songs so I've never cared to watch it.  I didn't even watch it now - I just clicked through to crowd scene's to see if I could see him.   He told me there is one part where there's a good shot of his hand that lasted more than a nanosecond.  Ha ha.

I don't know. I really don't like this song and probably will go to my grave having never watched the video.  I'm ok with that.

Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive (Official Music Video)

This is a little earlier than our Los Angeles days.  This was 1987 and I was only a teen and still in high school.

(I set the video up so it starts right before the part at 2:01 ish where me and my friend were filmed - but only she made the cut.  My friend is the one pushing her hair back.  I'm next to her - between her and the girl with her mouth hanging open.  Guess I was too short and back just a couple inches too far to be seen!)

The funny thing about this one is that my friend never actually saw the video even though she was in it.  She didn't have cable tv at the time so she never saw it.  I think she said she finally got around to watching the video online about 10 years ago.  First time she ever saw herself in it.

I want to go to bed and read myself to sleep now.
See ya in the morning over hot, fresh, strong coffee!

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