Puzzles During the CoronaVirus "Stay-In" - beer puzzles, candy puzzles and more

Starry Night Over The Rhone, Van Gogh
There are so many things I unknowingly did to prepare for this 'stay in' and I didn't even know it.  Well... some things I knew what I preparing for because I've talked about emergency 'prepping' for the past 8 years (off and on - never preaching, just prodding you all to do it) but things like this were happy accidents.

Right after Christmas I was running errands with one of my daughter's and we stopped to glance at the clearance/sale items at TJ Maxx.  I spied a 'beer' themed puzzle, and because brewing craft beers is something Mr. Coffee does once in a while and he has a 'beer' themed run on gifts from all of us, it caught my eye.  But it was still a little pricey ($12.99)  and I hesitated.  Because yes, I'm cheap like that.  I won 't even spend $2.99 without completely overthinking it.

Craft Beer Colorluxe 1000 Piece Puzzle
But in the end I did buy the puzzle because I decided a new 1000 piece puzzle would be great to bring to the beach with us later this summer.  It's one of those things a lot of people say "oh, I don't really like puzzles" but when a large puzzle is out on the table, I notice almost anyone and everyone (from ages 3 up to 92) will stop, and start placing pieces.  It's a gathering spot and at any given time, you'll find at least one if not 6 people sitting or standing around trying to put the puzzle together.

So I bought it.  Tossed it on the 'game shelf' in the family room and there it has sat, waiting for our vacation planned in July.

But... Coronavirus, y'all!  Self-distancing.  Staying home.  All those things.


I have a brand spanking new 1000 piece puzzle to set out on the formal dining room table today.  Bit by bit, piece by piece, sucking you in.

The only regret I have now is that I didn't buy the second 'candy' themed puzzle that was next to it in the store.

Or that I didn't also get a larger 2000+ or more puzzle.  Now that could be a good Coronavirus 'staying home' puzzle to get.

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