Rambling Over Coffee: Baking A Cake

  • A few weeks ago my daughter's best friend texted me to ask if she could hold my daughter's baby shower at my house.  I said sure.  
  • She followed up immediately asking me if I could also make the main food for it?  I said I would.
  • And then the text that immediately followed that was asking if I'd also make the cake?  I said OK.

You have to understand something here.
I'm not a cake maker.
I almost never ever make cakes.
Like typical Moms, I may make a birthday cake here and there but in my entire life I've probably only made 20 'nice' cakes.
I am creative, I like artsy stuff and I like to bake just fine... but I don't make a habit of making cakes.  Maybe one  a year for a random family birthday.

But when I make cakes, they normally turn out pretty cute. 
I'm generally happy with them.
And because I only make cakes once in a great while, it's fun to throw one together.
So I said sure.

But as soon as I said I would make one... she sent me a text with a picture. Of the cake I needed to make.
Um, ok?  I kind of thought, as the guest-of-honor's Mom and the person making the cake, I'd get a little creative leeway here.
Apparently not.
But ok, let's look at the cake I'm apparently making.

Well, I've never made one like that before.  These are called 'naked' cakes or 'scraped' cakes because obviously they are filled, layered, iced and then the icing is most scrapped off.  Leaving a very rustic, natural looking cake.

Which I've not done one like this before but it can't be too hard, right?

My gracious!
I think this was more difficult than a normal iced cake.

It took 2 different days to bake and freeze all the individual layers.
And then I had to make a quadruple batch of icing/filling for it.

Finally the morning came where it felt right to 'put it all together'; icing, filling, stacking, re-icing and scraping and then smoothing.

But every time I thought I'd got it... I'd notice something that needed to be fixed. 
So I'd fix it but in doing so, I'd cause 2 or 3 more things now needing to be 'fixed'. 
And then realized the layer was not centered and was really close to one edge, so I had to ruin everything by trying to slide the frosting spatula under the layers and pick them up, move them to be more centered and then have to 'fix' the big gouge I made and ice and scrape all over again.

Over and over.

I finally realized I just needed to be done. It had been 2 hours.

I had been looking at it TOO LONG and I wasn't even really seeing it anymore.  All I was seeing was little imperfections needing to be fixed and my fixing was making more fix-its and... and... and....

So I took it downstairs to the new deep freezer, which is brand new, just plugged in and completely empty.  

At this point it's just a 5 layer cake - and then on Sunday morning we'll take out of the freezer and bring it upstairs to the dessert table, and we will decorate it with the cake topper and the succulents and fresh eucalyptus. 

Working on the 5 layer cake for the baby shower

Yesterday I went to Sam's Club and our grocery store in order to get groceries for the next week as well as some of the fresh fruit I needed for the shower.  I ran out of room upstairs in our regular fridge and freezer so I grabbed a couple items and ran downstairs to put them in the new freezer (the one with the cake).

And that is when I promptly dropped a new package of flour tortillas right on the cake.


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