Rambling Over Coffee: Celebrations Still Going On During CoronaVirus

Today is a big baby shower... planned long before anyone knew CoronaVirus would be a thing.  

The person hosting it (at my house) said to expect about 15-20 people.  We aren't in a state where everything as completely shut down yet like California and Washington.  It's just now starting to effect our area.  Mostly business as usual yet.  It wasn't really even on peoples radar too much last week.  It's just this week it's become more of an issue affecting lives and schedules.

If the shower was planned for next weekend  I think I would push the hostess to cancel, but because things are just now starting to hit in our area, people are still out and about, shopping, going places, doing things. 

I don't relish the idea of up to 20 people coming to my house today, with all their germs or possible germs but.....   it is what it is at this point.  And as soon as they all leave I'll be spraying everything down in Lysol, wiping with Clorox wipes and using bleach water to clean.  Towels will be changed out and hopefully this is the last 'social' anything I'll have to do for the next month.

However, my husband's job has him working with the public and doesn't have the option of 'working from home' and his employer so far has no plans to shutter doors so if the virus is going to enter our realm it's probably going to come on riding in on my husband, who deals with hundreds upon hundreds of people a day.

So... it is what it is.

We'll enjoy this last hurrah.

Honestly, I have it easy.  It's just a small baby shower.  I feel terrible for the people having to make BIG decisions right now.  Like the people who have big, beautiful weddings planned and are having to decide whether to cancel them.  Or in the case of my parents, a good friend/co-worker passed away and his funeral is this week. Whether to go?  My Dad would like to, but my mother is a cancer survivor with a weakened immune system and he doesn't want to go and pick up the virus and bring it back to her.

Funerals and weddings... the question of whether to proceed or not.  I'm glad I don't have any of THOSE decisions right now.

My tiny little 15-20 people who might show up today doesn't seem like a big deal at all. 


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