Rambling Over Coffee: COVID-19 'BLAHS' are setting in... I just remembered I forgot to shower!

If you are a regular Coffee Talk reader, then you saw the post earlier this morning that my husband is out working full time during this pandemic and hasn't had a day off since March 12... so I'm basically here alone all the time.  He leaves while I'm sleeping and comes home in time to chat briefly, change clothes, do a quick workout in the basement and then eats the dinner I prepared for him while I kiss him goodnight and head to bed.

So it's probably not a stretch of the imagination hear that I think I've been wearing the same shorts for like, 3 or 4 days in a row.

  • I put them on Wednesday (or Thursday) maybe?
  • And did... nothing.  Because... quarantine.
  • Doing dishes, laundry, making beds, etc. doesn't get you dirty.
  • So the next day I showered but decided to wear them again because they weren't even hardly worn.
  • And then the next morning is when the quarantine 'BLAHS' set in.
  • And I tossed on the same shorts (different shirts) because they were right there on the bathroom counter where I tossed them the night before.
  • And I wore them.
  • And I did... nothing.
  • I read books. Ate. Read things online. Texted family members.
  • My days are starting to run into each other.
  • I AM determined not to stay in pajamas every day however!  I know mentally and emotionally you need to get dressed every day!  
  • Yesterday I wore the same shorts.  Started with a tank top in the warm morning but by afternoon it was really cold so I had on a flannel shirt with it.
  • If you saw my post though, yesterday was... rough.  Alone all the time.  I ate and read. Ate and read. Ate and read.
  • Last night I tossed them on the bathroom counter and got into my fleece pajama pants.
  • This morning I was basically a zombie, doing the same thing over again.
  • I grabbed the shorts with a sigh.
  • And thought;  "OMGosh I can't wear these shorts again.  How many days have I worn them now?"
  • And then the lightbulb moment in my head...  When did I last shower?  Thursday?
  • What the heck am I doing!?


Fresh from a shower and fully dressed with even a bit of foundation makeup on...  now, if I could just get motivated to empty out my laundry room and repaint all the walls.

Baby steps.  I'm not that motivated yet.