Rambling Over Coffee: Dreading this morning - gotta make a run to Walmart

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I was kind of hoping after last week's shopping trip, I might be able to stay away from Walmart for at least 3-4 weeks as I feel like it's a hotbed right now.  But... I'm doing shopping for 2 families.  For both our family and our daughter and son-in-law as they are pregnant with their first child and she is due in a few weeks so we (her husband and I) are keeping her out of the public as much as possible.

I wasn't as bothered by my Walmart trips up to this point, but for whatever reason, this one has been weighing heavy on my mind.  Because more people are sick now, probably.  Luckily the list isn't big, and is mostly things 'other' than groceries, but I'll be relieved when this trip is over.  I haven't really had anxiety about it until now but I'd like to stay completely away for a month if possible.


Last night I went into the laundry room for something and happened to glance into the 'utility' sink where I keep large empty milk jugs to water plants, a glass jar of paint brush cleaner, some cans of spray paint and a couple other odd, weird 'where do I keep these?' items.

Surprisingly I saw... two new cans of Lysol!  

I had THOUGHT I had bought Lysol about 6 weeks ago but I didn't see it under the kitchen sink, which is where I normally keep it.  So I figured I must have used them or didn't buy them after all.  But the under-sink area was full and there was no room (which I recall now) and so while putting away groceries and household items I impulsively decided to put them into the sink-storage with the cans of spray paint, etc.  

This is such a blessing!  I haven't been able to find Lysol in almost 3 weeks and we were on our last 2 cans.  (If you've read previous posts you know my husband is an essential worker who is working among the public - upwards of 1000 people a day - and I'm trying to keep our home as virus free as I can in these circumstances.)

Liquid gold.