Rambling Over Coffee: Grocery Shopping - spent lots of money with almost nothing to show for it. And still forgot the Chapstick

This morning's coffee is Peet's Coffee House Blend, Dark Roast - on my second cup now but I'm thinking it's at least a 4 cup kinda morning.

Yesterday I stopped off at Sam's Club for just a 'few' groceries.  Since I wasn't doing a regular grocery shopping trip, this is the kind of trip I add those pesky budget-breaker items to the cart. 

You know, the things you need but you put off buying?  When your money needs to go to groceries, you put off the household items until 'next time' or 'next paycheck' and then typically put it off a couple more times after that before you can actually get them?

The first thing in my cart was my favorite pens (Pilot G2).  I go to Sam's every other week (at least) and I stop, look at the pens, try to figure the extra $16 in my grocery budget, and walk away.  Yesterday however, there was nothing in the cart yet so I snatched up those pens and with a big smile on my face, I proceeded to the printer ink.

Refill ink is twice the cost of my printer.
I could literally buy a new printer every two months and it would cost less than the ink to refill it.  Sad commentary on our society... and very sad for our landfills.  But anyway!  Ink went into the cart.

And at that point, I had two tiny little items that you could barely see in my huge shopping cart and my purchase total was already going to be almost $100.  

I knew at that point I was going to spend more than I hoped.

ZipFizz, ink, work pants for Mr. Coffee, pens, toilet paper...  I didn't get the protein bars, sparkling water, almond flour, blouse or face moisturizer I wanted because I just could not spend that much money!  And I still needed those few pesky groceries.

Sour cream, bananas, chicken breasts, alfredo sauce and mayonnaise (along with a few other items) found their way into my cart though and by the time I checked out I was at $335.

I almost stopped to take a photo of my NEAR EMPTY CART with $335 somehow totaled up for it. But it was a pouring down, heavy, flooding kind of rain so instead I quickly placed my items into their tote bags in the back of the car and got inside, out of downpour. 

And I still had to stop at the grocery store.  You know, for the items you either can't get at a membership warehouse or you don't buy there for the cost or size of the items. 

I think my list had 5 items on it (maybe?).  Hickory Smoke Flavoring, Beef Ribs, Sparkling Water, Chapstick and cake mixes for an event I have to bake a cake for.

When I checked out my total was $207 and I had 47 single items on my receipt (some were multiples of course - like 5 packs of sparkling water, 2 squash, 2 cake mixes, etc.).   But I still had 31 items.

And you know what?


I had to write it on the list (again) when I got home.