Rambling Over Coffee: I told ya - self quarantine does not work and... will I see cleaning supplies and toilet paper today?

I told ya... people don't self-quarantine. They just don't.  (family in self quarantine goes to a school dance)

I suppose many of my readers ran errands this weekend when they were off work.  Did any of you head out to buy toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies? 

Today I have a long list of household and grocery items to buy.  I did NOT go out yesterday on purpose because I'm not a fan of weekend shoppers.  But I have a long list of items as I'm cooking and baking for an event this weekend that is also being held at my house.  I need a plethora of items ranging from a small 6" cake pan to sour cream to a new lamp shade and pretty much everything between.

I'm going to be at Walmart and Target for sure, probably TJ Maxx and maybe Sam's Club. 

Yes, I'm going to look at the toilet paper and cleaning supply situation.  I'll let you know what I'm seeing out there.


There are countries NOT allowing any visitors from the United States... but I didn't see this on our own gov travel sites.  Interesting.

This weekend I was reading an update from someone who currently lives in a country not usually traveled to by tourists and is part of what used to be part of the former Soviet republic.  But they live there due to her husbands job and had convinced family members to come visit them.  They had family coming this Spring but they all had to cancel as their embassy announced a list of countries they were not allowing any travels to come from due to the Coronavirus.  The US was in that list.

That was the first thing I found interesting as I knew we were limiting travelers from China, and other countries but it was the first I had heard of someone not allowing travelers from the US.  This morning I realized I had not seen anything about it in the news.  So I clicked over to the US Dept of State travel page (https://travel.state.gov) and found....  no information about it.  As a matter of fact, their particular travel page hasn't been updated with any travel alerts or information since December of 2018.  It is still 'blue listed' as a normal travel advisory.  Hmmm.

So it looks like information is slow coming and not updated.  Not surprising, but interesting. 

And now... I need to finish my coffee because I've got to head out to Walmart, Target, Sam's and who knows where else today.  


If you plan to hoard toilet paper, face masks or buy anything, actually at Amazon, could you please consider using my affiliate link to go there?  LOL. Your prices won't change but I might make $0.03 on the sale and I'd be grateful.

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