Rambling Over Coffee: I'm very busy doing things I don't need to do in order to avoid doing anything I'm actually supposed to be doing.

Someone I know just flew cross-country yesterday.  From the east coast to the west coast.  And the plane was only about 1/3 full.  The airport gates were almost empty. I honestly didn't know that many people were canceling their flights.  The only family member we have flying anytime soon isn't really soon.  Our son is flying in July. 

I'm assuming either the Coronavirus will have had it's heyday and be mostly over or we'll be in the midst of an apocalypse by then and no airlines will be flying anyway.  Either way, he's not concerned and other than it being in the back of mind, I've not fretted about it.  But it WAS eye-opening to see photos of this woman's flight yesterday and just how crazy empty the plane was on such a normally packed-tight flight to San Francisco.  Complete rows of seats were empty and there wasn't one row in the entire plane that had more than one person in it.


When I have events going on in our life that are out of the norm; little or big, it seems I do the opposite of what I SHOULD be doing on preparing for them.  

If it's a trip, I will only start to pack, literally, the night before. Years ago, I was still learning what worked best for me.  Even packing for five people, in the end I found, without fail, that packing the night before is what I do best. The travel outfits, including shoes are laid out on the bathroom counters.  My purse, laptop, and any travel blanket, laid out on the desk in the office along with THE LIST.  What is that?  Items that can't be packed that evening because they will be needed the next morning like makeup, hairbrush, etc. or food items or the charging cords and phones/ereaders.  They are written on THE LIST and the next morning I go through that list bing, bing, bing and check them off as they are packed.

Big events, out of town guests, hosting events, holidays...  try as I might to prepare things early, I just can't get myself to care or get motivated until literally right before.

We have a fairly large event going on at our home this weekend.  There are so very, very many thing to be done.  Yesterday I told myself it would be a great day to clean the family room carpets, clean the windows and a few other things I won't have time to do before people start arriving Saturday for the Sunday event.  

What did I do?

I decided it would be a good day to clean the interior of my car with Lysol and then decided I really wanted to wash my seat covers.

I would call it procrastination, but it isn't really.  I feel that procrastination is putting things off and then going in panic mode. 

I don't do panic.

I do a systematic, leave me alone, let me focus and I methodically knock-out everything that needs to be done.  It's not a run-around-screaming-waving-your-hands-in-the-air type thing that I picture as the end result of procrastination. 

It's me putting on music, not wanting to talk or chit chat, but accomplish everything I need to do from start to finish in the 3-5 hours or whatever.

Everything in its place.
Everything ready to go.
Everything done.

But I just can't get myself to care enough to do any of it 'early'.

Thus, I spent yesterday afternoon doing things like wiping down the inside of my car and cleaning my seat covers.  Spending time doing things that didn't need to be done and ignoring the things that I COULD do.  Ha ha.

So today my goal for myself is to do things like clean the family room carpet.  Clean some windows. Maybe do some of the food prep.  Perhaps, maybe even put together the layered cake.  (I did bake a bunch of layers to that and have them in the freezer - see, I did do SOMETHING to get ready for this! Yay me!).

BUT more than likely, you'll see me here posting a bunch of random stuff like I did yesterday.
Because you know... procrastination and all that.