Rambling Over Coffee: Listening to that little inner voice telling you to prepare for something and you have no idea why but it ends up saving the day!

It's been a whirlwind last two weeks!  Whew. But I've got fresh, hot, strong coffee in hand... so let's chat.

Our house-guests just left about 30 minutes ago.  It was my oldest daughter and her husband.

A tiny background side-story here for a minute...  last week I had a strong feeling I needed to take some Christmas money I had tucked away and go to the bank and get it broke into smaller bills.  It was $200.  But it was 'gifted' in two $100 bills, which no businesses really like to take.  Normally I deposit Christmas cash from my parents and father-in-law into our checking account, but this year for some strange reason, I tucked them away and didn't deposit them.

Last week I had a strong feeling I needed to go to the bank and get those one-hundred dollar bills broke into smaller bills.  There was no reason for it.  But I felt I needed to.  And when the clerk asked me how I would like my cash - I made the comment to her that I wasn't sure - but that gas stations don't take $100 bills so probably, just give me $20's and $10's.

Again - this is WEIRD.  Not only do I never save Christmas cash, I never have cash on me or in my billfold, I also NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER pay for my gas in cash.  Why in the world I felt like I needed to drive 10 miles into town to go to my bank to cash my Christmas money AND make the comment that I would like $20's and $10's because I knew gas stations would take them, but I don't think I've used cash to pay for gas in like... 20 years.
Now - back to my story.

Yesterday morning I had this overwhelming feeling I should give them some 'extra' money for this trip home.  I tucked the money away in an envelope and put it by the baby's diapers and wipes so I knew she would take it.

After a round of good-bye hugs, they left for the 2 day drive home.  Today is a 9 hour drive and the second half tomorrow.   They had only been gone about 20 minutes when I got a text from my daughter.

They had stopped to get gas and found out their bank had cut off all their bank cards!!

They didn't know why, and her husband was on the phone with them.  I suggested that because they had used them at gas stations in 4 or 5 different states in the last week, the bank might have suspected fraud and shut them off.

The bank told them they would have to look into it and would return their call.

In the meantime my daughter remembered the envelope I had given them and pulled it out of the diaper bag.

I got a very, very, very thankful text.

It was enough money to pay for their gas as well as some food to get home!

Even if the bank didn't fix the debit card error quickly today, they were safe to make it home today/tomorrow.

ThankyouGod for those little nudges by the Holy Spirit to do some out-of-the-ordinary things that you do not know WHY you are doing them, but suddenly it all plays out in the end.

..... it's just the coffee talking again.

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