Rambling Over Coffee: Monday, March 23rd - updates about the pandemic self-isolating situation and whatnot

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How are you guys??
Some of you I am staying in touch with a little bit here and there through your blogs, emails, snapchats or other social media.  But others, you've been in my thoughts.  I hope you are all hanging in there and doing well... and have enough toilet paper and household goods for your family.

My condolences to dear "Uncle Bert", who lost his mother a few days ago.  It was a long time coming and expected but that doesn't really ease the hurt.  I'm sorry.  

Some of you have been around for 15 years... you know I'm a happier, more positive person as long as I have a bit - a smidgen - of sunshine.

This morning it's cold, wet, dark and thunderstorms.  Blah.

Our food situation is good but I'd feel better if we had a couple items that we are low on.  Not out - but low.

If I could go to the store right now I'd look for butter, sliced cheese, bacon, roasts (to grind into ground beef), and coffee.  We are currently not out of these items, but low.  Most of which are almost impossible to find right now.

My husband doesn't want me to.
One of us having to be out among the masses every single day is enough, and he is trying to keep me safe.

I think it would make it easier to have someone here with me to talk to, to play board games with, etc. 
My husband, as most of you know, isn't one to converse or communicate even in the best of times.  It's a bit like being married to 'Sheldon' only without the genius intelligence.

Which is why I'm currently using CoffeeTalking.com to chat... to pass the time I suppose.

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