Rambling Over Coffee: My husband (a retail worker) hasn't had a day off since Thursday, March 12th - and no, no extra money

Yesterday I'm pretty sure all I did was drink coffee, eat, read, drink more coffee, read, eat, drink a Zipfizz vitamin B drink, eat, read, eat, read, eat, read and... eat and read.

I love being home usually but mentally, when I'm told I HAVE to do something, I naturally rebel against it.  So having to stay home is much different than getting to stay home.  Emotionally and mentally anyway.  And... I'm alone because I haven't really seen my husband much at all. He's gone before the sun comes up and home after it's dark, just in time to work out in the basement and eat dinner while I go to bed.

Yes, my husband still has to work during this time and actually, hasn't had a day 'off' since...  let me look on the calendar... Thursday, March 12th.  

Yeah, I'm serious.

So all those retail workers 'out there working' while you are holed up in your house?  Those are the real heroes. They are doing it without masks, gloves, shoe covers and gowns too.  And, might I add, without any extra money. 

Although I've read that some retailers are offering their employees a little more per hour or a bonus to work during this time, not my husbands company.  The corporate staff is holed up 'working from home', Monday through Friday while their employees are working non-stop and being reminded to 'keep up your standards' but as of yet, no extra money for putting themselves (and their families) in the front line of this pandemic.