Rambling Over Coffee: Quick Coffee - YES your emergency prep storage should have already had toilet paper in it! :)

This morning around 4:30 am I was laying in bed thinking (Yes, I was awake for no reason at 4:00 but my husbands alarm went off for work at 4:30 anyway so....).  I realized that we have out of town (state) guests coming tomorrow to stay with us until next week AND we are holding a shindig this weekend for probably 20 more people as well.

And I did not take that into account when I bought our regular purchase of toilet paper last week!  LOL.


So this morning, I'm now dressed and hair back in a braid, I have the trash out to the curb, I have a pile of donations at the top of the drive for the non-profit to pick up and although I DO have to clean the carpets today, pay online bills and do a plethora of other tasks, I really should venture out to get some food for our guests (they have little ones so I'll need baby/toddler/preschool friendly foods, and we don't drink milk, eat cereal, etc.)  and.... look for more toilet paper.  Good luck to me, right!?

But honestly?  If you're a regular reader you know I'm a proponent of emergency preparedness and self-reliance.  So if need be, I can always borrow from our emergency prep storage.  Paper towels, cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper plates, disposable silverware and toilet paper should be a staple in anyone's cupboards, not to mention their emergency prep storage. 

OK - this morning chit-chat post has been up on my screen for almost 2 hours while I've been doing other things.  But now, I really need to venture out to Sam's Club and see what I can rustle up...  dog food, guest food, whole milk for the littles and....  toilet paper?   

Just a random smattering of old posts where I've mentioned emergency storage.  And yes, it should always include toilet paper!  :)

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