Rambling Over Coffee: The Office and the Coronavirus, and a few random chit-chat updates

https://amzn.to/2TXtIrCThis morning I saw funny screenshot on Instagram regarding The Office and the Coronavirus that made me laugh....   it was what each of the characters were doing or saying.

Michael isn't letting anyone work from home because 'we should all be together' during this time.  Dwight is exclaiming he is immune. Angela is wearing a hazmat suit but Kevin... oh this is the one that made me laugh because I love the Kevin character.  Kevin says "I've had it for weeks and I feel just fine...."

Isn't that just exactly what Kevin would say?  LOL.  Made me chuckle.


Today is kind of the last quiet day for a bit.
Not quite that I don't have a lot of work to do.
I do.
But quiet in that tomorrow is crunch time for a few things.
And Saturday we have five out of state guests arriving to stay until next week.
And Sunday I'm hosting a shindig at Casa Coffee.
And Mr. Coffee will be working until about 6:30 pm every day, so it's me, me and uh, me doing all the entertaining.  And cleaning.  And cooking.  And and and... LOL.

Yesterday I opted to not clean carpets (yet) because dogs.
But I did make the 5 layer cake for Sunday, so there's that.

I really need some coffee this morning....  I'll be back.


I told you I'd be back!

Random Chit-Chat

------> The passport office cashed my check.  Does that mean they are proceeding on renewing my passport even though I'm a bit 'early' at requesting?  Because if you read that previous post, my passport doesn't expire until next June (NEXT June).  Yeah... I'm 'that person'.  I hyperventilate just thinking about it getting within 6 months of expiring. I'd MUCH rather have it updated now. Mr. Procrastinate until you forget about it Coffee on the other hand?  His expired in January.

-----> I have family members traveling to our home this weekend from 1000 miles away.  They have to stop for gas, potty breaks (little ones) and a hotel mid-way.  Coronavirus.  My loved ones.  Babies. Toddlers. Preschoolers.  I worry.  The Mommy says she plans to spray the hotel down with Lysol.

*NEW COFFEE IN HAND and it's like, 1:pm.  It's strong, hot and black.

-----> Have you ever just read through a hundred different "Go Fund Me" pleas? 
I hadn't until this afternoon.  Because I was reading something that referenced a Go Fund Me they were throwing out there and before I knew it; one of those rabbit holes. 
I'm finding myself kind of pissed at some of the things people are begging money for.
But then I have to remind myself that anyone can ask anything... and it's just not for me to judge.
Even if it's really stupid stuff.


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