Rambling Over Coffee: Tiny little things that irritate you....? (Irk you or annoy you?)

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Sipping coffee, skimming over a couple of websites I like to read and then I see it.
She used that word again.
It makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.
I cringe.
I have a reaction to that word.
I hate that word and I hate when people use it instead of the correct word.
It's breakfast.
You eat breakfast in the morning.
Not 'brekky'.
Blech.  My stomach clenches up a little when I read or hear that word.

So that is what is leading to this post.

Writing or saying "brekky' instead of calling it breakfast is one of those little irritating things to me. I don't get angry about it, I'm not ranting or raving about it.  It just... irks me.  Irritates me.

I'm sure I do things, say things or use my own version of words or phrases that irritate people as well!

I even have things I do that irritate myself!

Sitting here with my coffee in hand I think I'll just quickly brainstorm a few things that irk me.  Irritate me, if you will.
But I'll try to keep it light-hearted.  Because there are a lot of things or people that irritate me that are bigger posts or topics (like Nancy Pelosi...) but I'll just try to keep my morning list more fun.

Little things that irritate me.

  • Using the words 'brekky' and 'sammich' or 'sammy' instead of breakfast and sandwich.
  • People who constantly finish my sentences or interrupt to hijack the end of my sentences and say them first. (I caught myself doing this a few years ago!  Eek! I am a 'fast' talker and I knew what they were saying... I was impatient for them to spit it out and be done with it I guess!)
  • People who don't understand/get sarcasm.
  • Budging in line.
  • That one person in the crowd that won't stop asking question after question after question; some of which was already gone over, some the speaker is going to get to if they would just shut up and let them speak!
  • People who are butt-kissers and people who are mindless sheep.
  • "do-gooders" that are really just nosey busy-bodies.
  • Other peoples children. Most of them anyway.
  • Other peoples parenting skills.  Or, lack of.
  • Neighbors who let their dogs run all over without a leash. In my yard. Every freakin' day. 
  • Procrastination!  Just DO IT. There will always be more to do later, so just do it now!
  • Black Forest Cake.  Cherries and chocolate ruin both the cherries and the chocolate.
  • People who choose to serve "marbled" cake because 'some people don't like chocolate and some people don't like white cake".  HOW THE HELL DOES MARBLED CHOCOLATE AND YELLOW CAKE SOLVE THIS ISSUE? Think about it.
  • Slow computer browsers or internet connections.  OMG.
  • People who start their sentence with the words, "Am I the only one who....."  Yes. 7.8 BILLION people in the world and you are the ONLY ONE who is thinking/doing/wanting/liking/notliking something.
  • Calling into a call center for help and hearing the person on the other end can barely speak or understand English and can only (barely) read a script in front of them but has zero communication (or help) skills.
  • People who hit 'reply all' to group text messages with a text that is NOT pertinent info for the whole group. Especially when you don't even know the people and it was a general "FYI" text or email needing no response.
  • People who have the keyboard 'click' sound on their cellphones! WHY does this feature even exist?
  • Pen-clickers. 
  • Also the people Who Capitalize Every Word They Type In A Sentence On FaceBook Or Emails. 
  • Coexist bumper stickers. 
  • People wearing 'mobile headsets' and talking loudly and non-stop through their little mouth microphones while shopping, standing in line, etc. Mobile headsets in general irritate me.
  • Committees. Especially committees of 3+ women. Lots of drama, babble, droning on and on. Slow decisions, a lot of overthinking, usually a bunch of waffling and very little fast action.
  • Sidewalk blockers.
  • News sources quoting information they found on Reddit as if it was a real situation.
  • Guys that stand too close to me in the check-out lines. (Far worse than women at respecting that personal space bubble!)
  • Not opening or answering my snapchat or text message right away (when I know you got it).
  • Stripper heels.  

Wow... I could go on and on!  LOL.
I better stop here.

I'll turn on comments below (where it currently says 'no comments') if you want to join in with your own little irritating something or other!  :)

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