Rambling over Coffee: Trying to get my husband to understand what shopping is like 'out there' right now - frustrating but he finally gets it!

Good Morning!

Are you all staying home?  Well, those that can.

A good number of my family members are providing the public with food, household items and paper goods, etc. We haven't had the blessing paid 'staycations' otherwise known as working-from-home or self-isolation.  Although I'm trying to stay isolated, the fact is, with my husband coming into direct contact with a thousand people a day, there is a fairly good chance he'll come down with it or bring it home to me. 

My husband is not an errand guy.  He's not a shopping guy.  He's a 'home' and 'work' kind of guy with absolutely nothing in between unless he's absolutely forced to do so.  For this reason, I'm the one that runs all our errands, does all our shopping etc.  No I don't just mean 'groceries' but if we need landscaping materials, gravel, concrete blocks, patio blocks, sod... that's all me.  Guys to cut our trees? Me. Banking errands, financials, post office, blah blah blah... me.

My husband hasn't actually gone grocery shopping for anything by himself in more years than I can count (ever?).  I think I had him pick up a package of hotdog buns after work once or twice in the past 20 years and he always acts like he's accomplished something I should be thankful for... so, yeah.

BUT because he has to be out and about with his job and some items are hard to find right now (like toilet paper and paper towels) we had a very strongly worded discussion about I would need him to stop into various stores once in a while to see what is stocked.

He 'knew' but didn't truly 'know' what the situation is like out there.  The empty shelves, the lines, the angry shoppers...

I explained to him that if "I" was to go shopping, I'm leaving our home to drive 10 miles to the nearest Walmart or Sam's Club or about 7 miles to the nearest grocery store - and HOPING I happen to time it JUST RIGHT that I MIGHT find a package of toilet paper, a loaf of bread or a role of paper towels.

If HE is out and about for 12-14 hours every single day anyway, and is constantly around these stores, he could stop in before work, after work, over his lunch hour, etc.  just to check out what happens to be stocked and pick it up.  He would have a MUCH BETTER CHANCE OF GETTING ITEMS WE NEED by doing this once a day than I would, having to drive 10 miles one way at least once a day and HOPE for the best.

He didn't really hear me.
I ended up frustrated and just went to bed a bit angry.

It just so happens that he was talking with someone the next day who works full-time on the night shift.  This guy works, comes home to eat something simple like soup and then collapses into bed to sleep all day and then gets up and does it all again.  He wasn't paying any attention to world news, what is going on with the pandemic or the shopping issues people were having.  He was just existing - working and sleeping and eating and doing it all again the next day.

But he was out of soup.  So before work one night he popped into Walmart to get some soup.
And found the shelves were empty.
Not just empty, but EMPTY.
He said he stood there in awe.  He said every apocalyptic movie he's ever seen came back to mind as he stood looking down the entire aisle with empty shelves. 

He got angry.  What was with all this hoarding!?  Were people crazy?  Why wipe out entire stores of food?

But wait!  There were some cans right in the middle of the aisle, way in the back on the bottom shelf.

He found just 9 cans and it was... little cans of Campbell's Vegetable Soup.
It just so happens that is his favorite kind of soup and what he was hoping to buy.
And because he now realized that finding soup was going to be difficult for the time being, he said he bought all 9 cans.  And felt like he just became that same kind of person he was just complaining about, buying 9 cans instead of just the normal 5 or 6 we planned to buy.

The next day my husband told me this story.
Hearing it from someone other than me kind of made it more real to him I guess.

Because yesterday afternoon I got a call from Mr. Coffee, who was standing in the middle of a random Walmart in the city and telling me he stopped in, and they had just brought out some paper goods and there were 3 packs of toilet paper on the shelf and should he buy some?  Ha ha ha.  And then he asked me if there was anything else he should pick up while he was there?

Mr. Coffee did indeed buy a package of toilet paper, a package of paper towels, a package of tomatoes, a head of lettuce and a pound of butter.

And I think he 'gets' it now.


PS:  He sounded absolutely amazed when he told me he had gotten the toilet paper and paper towels, went down the next aisle and then backtracked to go get butter and in that short amount of time, there were no more packs of toilet paper or paper towels.  They were already gone.  He was so amazed by this that I think he mentioned it to me three or four times.

Um, yeah?  This is what I've been telling you and showing  you with photos for the past 2 weeks.

But I think he finally gets it now.