Rambling Over Coffee: Update to the 5 dresses I ordered on Amazon and other morning ramble

A few days ago I posted about ordering 5 dresses on Amazon and hoping that maybe one would fit well and look nice for a casual event I have to go to and the rest might be good for the beach later this summer.  

My update now that I've received them is, one will work for the casual event I have to go to, one sent was a tiny little Chinese size small, and the other 3 will work ok for the beach later this summer

So... I pretty much called it except I really love the dress that is a size 'too small for most human females over the age of 12' but I got it so cheap I'm just going to keep it.  (I also might dismantle it a little, do some making-over with some fabric and my sewing machine and make it into a different dress that fits and will work!)  The 'beachy' dresses are oh-so-extremely low cut and high cut.  I will wear a cami or tank under them, and I thought the slit in the dress would cross between my thigh and knee, which would be fine but no.  The slit goes allllll the way up.  (Just like many reviewers mentioned) so a safety pin will be needed to keep my modesty in tact!  But they are very cute fabric and again, will be nice for the beach.


This morning I'm going to have one more coffee and some vitamin B12 in order to get ready to tackle the day. 

Last night I woke at 1:00 am, all alert and wide awake.  I finally gave up and grabbed a book to read for an hour before I got sleepy enough to do some relaxation mediation and fall asleep again.

When I next woke, I thought to myself:

"Mr. Coffee is still sleeping next to me.  It feels like he should be at work by now.  It must not be as late as I think."
"If he's still sleeping it must not be 4:30 yet as he was getting up at 4:30 for work today."
"No.  I know it's past that.  I feel it. My internal clock says it's about 5:00 am."

I turn to look at the clock.
4:57 am.

The boy screwed up setting his alarm.  Again.  
My husband can not set an alarm.  (I've posted about this so many times in the last 20 years I've been blogging.)

He'll set it for PM instead of AM.
He'll set it but not turn it on.
He'll set it but have the volume turned down to zero.

Any number of screw ups.  But the boy cannot set an alarm.  

(He uses his Samsung phone which is pain compared to me simply telling Siri to set an alarm for me!)

But thankfully (as always) my internal body clock wakes in time to save his butt and get him to work.


I MUST get started on the day.  Many errands to run after I do 'the things' I have to do here too.

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