Rambling Over Coffee: Updates on houseguests, baby showers and other 'normal life' going on during the Coronavirus

Fresh coffee in hand and a tiny slice of silence in an otherwise crazy, fun-chaos, noisy house as we have our out-of-town guests here, which include 3 littles under the age of 5.   But they are currently 'down the road' about 30 minutes visiting my other daughter and seeing her new home before they head back here for lunch and naptimes.  I have a bit of quiet time to update.

The baby shower was really quite awesome and I'm just so happy that it was planned when it was and not this upcoming weekend or the one after; I'm afraid if it had been planned any later than it was, like in the next 3 weeks or so, we probably would have had to have the 'cancellation' talk.   

Although the western states and some of the more populated states went on full 'lock down' mode and 'social distancing' etc.  as I mentioned before, our area didn't really start to see anything different or have anyone testing positive until just recently - as in the last few days. 

We haven't yet called for isolation and school is set to resume in a couple weeks (although I suspect that might change soon and they might just call it off for the year as most of the other school districts around the nation are... we'll see). Most everything is still open, etc.

So 90% of the guests all came even though they of course had the option not to - and everyone totally understands!  The only ones that didn't come were the elderly great-grandmothers, one grandmother, and 2 younger people that live approximately 4.5 hours away.  Everyone else chose to come and we had a fabulous time. 

It's a little ironic and funny that the person in charge of the games and gifts had planned a month ago (before the Coronavirus was even really a concern yet) that the 'thank you' gift bags that went out to all the guests were....  hand soaps and hand sanitizer!!!!!   LOL.  

She had placed an order a month ago with a couple companies so she was ahead of the 'run' on these items and had them with no problem.  Everyone that came left with an adorable gift bag of customized soaps and hand-sanitizers.  It was perfect and we didn't even know how fabulous that timing would have been.

Right now we are just shaking our heads that we have a little one due to be born in a couple weeks, right in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. We are joking that I need to brush up on my 'home birthing' skills and deliver him here so we don't run the risk of anyone picking up the virus from the nurses and doctors at the hospital.  :)


Not interesting but interesting:  You would think since so many people are hunkering down and staying home and not traveling that the cost of hotel rooms and such would go down.  I've not found that to be so.

I was doing the travel reservations for our house guests traveling, and made reservations for them last week on their way here.  The rooms were all regular priced.  Yesterday I was tasked with making reservations for the trip home and I thought I'd see some lower prices out there due to no one traveling but honestly, the opposite happened.  I ended up booking them in the same hotel on the way home this week and the room was actually $5 more, not less.  No rock bottom deals out there.  Perhaps they need to raise their prices to make up for the lack of guests.


Yesterday afternoon were in the backyard enjoying some sunshine and a backyard recreational fire and chit-chat before dinner when our house guests started to get phone calls and texts on their phones from their school district 'back home' (almost 1000 miles away).  School has now been canceled for them through the end of the year.  The 5 year old won't be returning at all.  Although we understand the concern; it's not a good thing.  Children learn SO MANY skills between March and June!  Missing almost 3 months of school, especially at the end of the year is a real loss.  Not so much for high school seniors perhaps, but for the little ones... a huge, huge loss of important skill building and learning.  This will be reflected this Fall when the kids in 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade show up and don't have those basic addition, subtraction, etc. skills that they were just starting this spring.

No word yet on summer school, sports or recreational classes.


Ok, I guess this morning 'chit chat' over coffee at the kitchen table is long enough... I'd better call it done and shush before I talk your ears off.   For my readers I know are traveling this week - have FUN if you can.  I am thinking of you and hoping you enjoy your vacation even if it is a bit surreal and weird being in unknown cities during the panic.  And for those readers that are feeling under the weather right now, I'm hoping you kick this soon and that it was a typical run of the mill cold or flu and not the virus... email me and update soon.  Thinking of you!!!!!

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