Rambling Over Coffee: Well crap. It looks like my car loan was sold to a horrible company called Santander Consumer USA?

We got a crappy finance company the first time around just because I didn't care what company the car dealership used and they had the cheapest interest rate.  So, we got stuck with Gateway which was bad enough, right?  But this week I just got a letter saying our car loan was part of the huge 1.1 billion dollar portfolio deal that went down in December.  (I didn't know anything about it until now... after I got the letter and looked it up online.)

I told myself not to look, but just like looking at a train wreck, I had to google them.  Oh my.

Santander Consumer USA is... bad.  Really bad.

Like, almost 2000 complaints on the BBB site.  1 star out of 5 on Consumer Affairs.

Angry customers on their facebook page.

The letter said they acquired the debt/loan amount, and list it, but I made a payment to Gateway 3 days before the 'acquired' date which is not shown in the amount.

That might be the first battle I'll have to have with them.  If Santander Consumer USA doesn't credit that payment.

Another interesting issue is that the letter gives me my 'new' account number on our loan.  So I go to their site and try to register for my online account and it won't accept my account number.  They only have space for a certain number of digits and the account number they gave me as 'mine' doesn't match.

I don't think this is going to be a good relationship.

And from the reviews I've read, Santander is totally ok with their customer service reps being rude, horrible people, lying, hanging up on people and refusing to give anyone a manager to speak with when they can't get anywhere with their issues.

I'm VERY concerned at the number of people who have paid off their vehicles and are still waiting for the titles... and getting the runaround from rude, lying customer service reps.  2+ months or more and still waiting and getting excuses and lies and hang ups from the company.

I'm very concerned about this because once I looked up their reputation online, Mr. Coffee and I immediately said at the same time "... we should just pay it off early."   It's a really small payment so we've never bothered, but we will now.

Because it looks like the LAST THING WE WANT is to be a SantanderConsumerUSA customer.  Since it won't let me make an account and log in yet, I'll wait for our first 'bill' to arrive.  But I plan on paying it off completely when that bill gets here.

They better get their bills out in time.  From the review it sounds like they screw up that too, and then charge the customers for missed payments and extra interest even though they mess up billing and even posting (and losing) payments.

I'll let you know....