Rambling Over Coffee: We're not that different, you and me. Central California and Little Podunk town America and COVID-19

Good Morning!

Last night between dinner and bed I watched more 'Friends' (You can get the Complete Series here) episodes, texted a few friends (Ha - I didn't even do that on purpose) and colored (adult coloring books). One of the friends I texted a bit with was a friend from California.

We used to live in Southern California, so I often keep an eye on their news and happenings, not only as it was our old stomping grounds, but we still have family and friends 'out there'.  The greater L.A. area (where we lived) and all around San Francisco. It's been interesting to do some comparison to to what life during the COVID-19 pandemic is like there compared to where we currently live (and where our family 'up North' live as well).

Our friends on the West coast were hit far earlier than we were.  They've been under self-isolation longer as well.  Talking with a very good friend who lives in a suburb just northeast of SF, it was very interesting to me to hear that life is very similar to ours... in tiny little podunk town in the middle of nowhere.

If I was to only get my news from... well, the news, I'd have this huge gloom and doom, the world is in chaos, everyone is dying in the streets and the coyotes are eating their bodies type view of life where he lives.

I was worried about our friends.
Ends up I need not be.

Instead, he and his wife are working from home.
They're keeping busy.  Life is fairly quiet.
She teaches her classes online.
He fixes and maintains medical software computer systems around the world.
He goes outside to run laps around the cul-de-sac to relax and run off energy.
They play a lot of board games (fanatics before this all came down).
She is painting tiny figurines to a board game they bought before the pandemic.
They have a 'shelter-in place' type mandate starting instead of just self-isolate.
Once a week he heads to the grocery store to buy groceries for them both.
She has a weakened immune system so she doesn't go out.
He said most everything in the store is in stock except eggs.  Eggs are always sold out.

I told him it's very similar here.  Right down to the eggs always being sold out.



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