Rambling Over Coffee: What my retail manager husband goes through every single day to try to keep his family safe during this COVID-19 pandemic

The longer this pandemic goes on, the more our family's safety is in jeopardy. 
The longer my husband is literally face to face with upwards of 1000 people a day.
No masks.
No gowns.
No gloves.
No shoe covers. 

We are risking almost certain illness and contamination and the odds go up every single day.

Many people fret about having to go out amid the public one day a week to do a grocery or household item run or to a store to get a part for something that just broke down in their home.

  • They have to leave the house for the first time that week so they don their gloves.
  • Maybe even a mask or some put a scarf over their face.
  • Even with gloves, they wipe down the cart or basket handle.
  • They carefully avoid walking near people or talking to others.
  • Their plan is to 'get in and get out'.
  • They try to only touch the things they particular want or need.
  • They don't touch certain 'open air' items like fresh produce.
  • They don't like that the person behind them in line is ignoring the 6 foot safety space and is almost breathing down their back.
  • They pull back because a random customer, ignoring the pandemic, got right in their face to make a not-even-funny comment about shopping that day.
  • They cringe that they have to touch the buttons on the credit card reader to pay for their item. 
  • Grab their bags, get out to their car quickly and pull off their gloves.
  • They use hand sanitizer and rub it all over their hands, the steering wheel.
  • They rush home... whew.
  • They spent 42 minutes out of their house, among the public.

They wonder what their chances of catching the virus in the air or surface might have been.


Now imagine you are going out into the public every day.
Imagine you worked 13 days in a row without a day off.
You are working 12 hours a day among that same public.
And not just talking to one or two people but you have to talk to hundreds.
Hundreds of people a day.
And you have to come into contact with upwards of 1000 people a day, having to be near them, walk by them, touch the same items they are touching, breathe the same air of those 1000 people.
You get coughed on.
Sneezed on.
People reach out and grab your arm to get your attention.

And after 12 hours dealing with the public without the benefit of any safety measures, you try to sanitize your work keys, phones and ipad.
You try not to touch anything as you leave your workplace and walk quickly with your head down to avoid having to talk to anyone before you can leave.
Out to your car you immediately use hand sanitizer.
You rub it all over your steering wheel as well.
You drive home to your family.

  • Park in the garage.
  • Shoes off at the door, outside the house.
  • Sprayed down with Lysol.
  • Into the house you have to avoid contact with the pets and family.
  • Go straight to the laundry room and strip off your work clothes.
  • Toss them straight into the open washing machine, not in the laundry basket with the rest of the family clothing.
  • Walk to the kitchen sink and wash your hands.
  • Now, give kisses hello to your wife, pet the dogs.
  • Re-wash your hands after petting the dogs.
  • Go into the bedroom to get new, fresh clothes on.
  • Either that night or early the next morning, your spouse sprays down the door knobs and cupboard knobs, bathroom fixtures, refrigerator door handle and shower door handle with Lysol.


And you've done this for 3 weeks, trying to avoid getting sick when you are out helping the public 12 hours a day, every day. 

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