Rambling Over Coffee.....

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Up around 3:am today - reading for 30 minutes until my husbands alarm went off for work.  Yesterday he, my son and my son-in-law all got their letters to keep in their cars to show they are part of the 'essential service workforce' to allow them to go to and from work in cities or states where travel is prohibited.

Funny, not funny that our lives are starting to resemble the pandemic, apocalyptic, bio-terrorism, zombie horror books I've loved to read for the last 20 years.  


Yesterday was a decent trip to Sam's but there are items I couldn't get for both the 2nd family and our own that I was shopping for (limits of "1" item or I was running out of room in the cart and over my budget).  I have 4 items on my list I could go back to Sam's for this morning and about 8 items that would be a grocery store or Walmart run (assuming I can find some of them).

I'm trying to think ahead another week or two as truckers are struggling right now, so many stores are closed, online orders are have shut down or are sold out or backordered for deliveries until the end of May, etc.

Decisions to make over coffee this morning.


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