Remember when my debit cards were hacked back in October/November?

Most of you were around reading CoffeeTalking when I had a surprise debit card hack back in October and early November.  (You can go back and read those posts in the archives if you wish.)  One bank in August (?) and then my second bank in October/November.

I had to shake my head and chuckle when I got a letter from my credit union on Saturday.

In a letter dated March 18th they've determined that the fraud dispute I submitted back on the first of November has been found to be fraud indeed and that the credit they gave me back then was temporary but they've now determined it to be permanent.


4 1/2 months AFTER the fact they are just now determining the fact that some middle eastern named guy was using my debit card in Israel when I was in little po-dunk town in the heartland of the USA, was fraud and that I could 'keep' the money they so graciously 'loaned' me at the time?  LOL.

Ah... I was actually thinking what if they had determined it wasn't fraud?
And right now, in the middle of a pandemic when everyone is trying to keep their heads above water, they would have taken that money OUT of my account?
There is no way I would be expecting that right now - almost 5 months after the fact.

You just gotta chuckle and shake your head.

But because there were more fraudulent debits than the (4) four they listed as permanent, I have to wonder if I have more surprises waiting for me...  I believe in all there were about 15 - 9 of which went through before my bank decided maybe (MAYBE) they should send me a text asking me if it was actually me making all these purchases (in Illinois, Texas, Colorado, and then suddenly Israel...).