So... apparently someone called into our insurance yesterday pretending to be us?

Rambling over coffee....

Checked our family email account and saw a survey from our insurance company.
It thanked me for contacting them yesterday and hoped that I was happy with my service and would I please take a moment to rate their customer service?


I was gone from 9:00-5:00 yesterday and at no point did I contact our insurance company.
Mr. Coffee never ever ever contacts anyone and wouldn't know how to as he asks me to handle everything... but I asked him anyway just to make sure.

So I filled out their survey, making sure to write in every available 'comment' space that we never contacted them and that I had no idea WHO called them yesterday pretending to be us, but it wasn't us.  And that we've not contacted them for any reason at any time.

And then I called in.
I asked the young lady answering the phone if she could tell me what I supposedly talked to them about yesterday as I was supposed to rate their customer service on a survey sent to me thanking me for contacting them and hoping I was happy with the results of my call.

She was confused, obviously.
I told her so was I.

We had a good laugh - although mine was nervous laughter because... who is pretending to be us?  And why?
Hers I'm sure was supposed to be a 'oh, everything is fine, don't worry about it and the computer probably just accidentally sent you a survey' kind of laugh.

I'm not feeling it.

(About 2 months ago we also got an email our government FAFSA account was locked due to too many attempted log-ins.  Hmmm.)


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