You don't know how to spend 12 hours with your kids... because you've never had to do it before. Sad, really.

It's funny-not-funny that the internet is now FILLED with parents at a loss with how to be a 'family' now that school is out most everywhere in the country.

Parents are clueless how to spend time with their own children.  It's insane!  But it's also a wake-up call to just how absolutely un-connected most of these parents and kids are.

Kids have zero creativity, have no idea what to do, and can't think for themselves.  Parents aren't much better.  I've seen parents exclaiming that they now think teachers should make a billion dollars.  They spend 2 hours with their own kids and don't have a clue what to do, how to do it, and have no patience left, nor ideas of anything to do together or talk about as a family.  And they are finding out their kids are brats.  And all this time they thought Johnny and Suzie were angels and it was the 'teacher' who needed to be fired because they were requesting meetings with the parents over their child's behavior.  Now, they want to give the teachers a million dollars for having to have spent all DAY keeping their kids busy and teaching them.  Now that it's up the parents that is.

Spending time with your offspring.  What a novel idea.

Parents are used to popping out their child, returning to work immediately and putting the baby into daycare.  "Parenting" was oh so hard because they had to get the little ones up in the morning, get them dressed and drive them to daycare where they dropped them off all day.  They return to pick them up between 5:00 and 6:00  pm and again, oh so hard because now they had to try to get the mail, make dinner, and give the baby a bath and put him/her to bed.  And then sigh... start all over again the next day!  Can you imagine?

And then they got older and they had another child or two.

And the kids not only had daycare... and school... and dance lessons and sports practice... and and and... oh, parenting was so HARD because 'schedules'.

The difficulty was finding time for all the extra-curricular activities and getting everyone to their classes and practices and games.

But they weren't spending time together.

Parents and kids today as a society have zero idea how to be a family.
How to just 'be' together.
I even saw parents of 20 year olds that were still living at home and the Moms were begging other parents on forums of "idea's to keep my 18 and 20 year olds busy at home during this social distancing time?  All they really know how to do is play video games or watch videos on Youtube.  I'd like to come up with ideas for other things to do because they get bored."

20 fucking years old and they don't know how to entertain themselves!?

Helicopter parenting my butt.  It's parenting failure.

... meh, just ignore me.  It's just the coffee talking again I suppose.