The perfect Mother's Day Gift for 2020! The one where we were quarantined!

I had a surprise in the mailbox today...  it was from my son, who lives about 1000 miles away.  When I let him know something was delivered, he wanted me to open it 'early' as it was a Mother's Day gift.  We video chatted, as he said he saw this online and immediately thought of me, and knew it was perfect, so he was excited to see me open it.

Oh... my boy knows me well!

A 'Friends' inspired coffee mug!  LOVE IT!!!


(He ordered it off Amazon - from this seller.... for anyone interested!)

Mother's Day 2020 The One Where We Were Quarantined 11 oz Coffee Mug - 1 Pack

It's morning... again!  Although the days are going slow for so many, they are flying by for me as usual. 

Last night I had the silly idea that coffee at 7:30 pm sounded like a good idea.  Why does coffee have a W A K E U P ! effect on me if I drink it at night but does almost nothing for me in the morning or during the day?  

Still, it worked out OK as I have been playing around with a different 'face mask' pattern and wanted to make one or two for someone. 

Fueled by caffeine, I headed to my basement guest room that doubles as a sewing area and got to work.

I now have two (2) face masks that I really like the design and fit of, to bring to our 'quarantined pregnant family member' later this morning before she has another baby doctor appointment tomorrow. She's been using an N95 mask I had in our emergency prep kit and sanitizing it between uses every 2 weeks; but I wanted to give her more options that were still functioning at a 96-ish% for filtration now that her appointments are weekly. 

I'm looking for the perfect comfort and fit but picky about filtration.  Bandana's and similar fabrics are worthless (again, my rant about having to wear masks out in public anyway when most of them are doing absolutely nothing and just make people feel good to be wearing something over their face.  Now, our mayor has mandated everyone has a face cover when in public or risk fines and jail time.  The problem is they are saying any bandana, etc. is acceptable.  See?  Accomplishing nothing but giving people the 'feel goods' for putting something worthless over their face.)   

**A great source for information on filteration efficiency of various fabrics and materials to make your masks:  Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics Used in Respiratory Cloth Masks


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Meh. News.

Novelty toilet roll cakes keep Finnish baker in business

Tara Reade calls for release of Biden's Senate records: 'Why are they under seal?'

How hospitals were incentivized to diagnose patients with COVID-19

Ai Fen, the doctor who reported the epidemic, is still missing

Contaminated COVID-19 testing kits 'made in China' sold in US

Could I live with my entire life in one - and only one - color?

Can you imagine going through the last 40+ years of your life only wearing one and ONLY one color? And decorating your entire house in that color?  And eating off plates that color? 

What if that color was... RED?

You can read the story at the link above but basically, my intro says it all.

Let me just say that red is one of my LEAST favorite colors.  I kind of hate the color red... and looking at this woman's house, I can barely breath.  It's a bit overwhelming for someone who is as sensitive to colors as I am. 

Could I live with my entire life in one - and only one - color?  Maybe... if it was a creamy white.  Anything else just gets to be too much.

I can't imagine... but perhaps some of my readers love it? 




Great timing for all these little pesky things to happen, right? Like laptop computers suddenly dying, and debit card/bank cards not working....

It's early afternoon but yes, I'm on cup number two of fresh, hot coffee... while my groceries sit waiting on the kitchen counter to be put away.  (They are in some kick-ass insulated bags though, so I could conceivably leave them there til tomorrow morning and they'd still probably be fine.  LOL)  Hence:  Coffee.

This morning I made a trip to drop off my first HP Pavillion at FedEx to return to the company.  I've been there a few times, but have not used their drive-thru before.  I did today... and it was frustrating like I knew it would be.


Because STARBUCKS CUSTOMERS have overtaken the shipping company's drive through.

You see, there is a huge rectangular building with about 6 retailers in it.  Starbucks is on the far left and the shipping store is on the far right.  With 4 retailers between them.  But people end up wrapped all the way around the building for Starbucks, which means while I'm in the correct line and simply want to drop my package off at the correct drive thru window, the second I do so, idiots try to 'pull around me' and end up stopped NEXT TO ME - thereby blocking me in.

And you would think that person would/could pull around, get back in front of me to get into their Starbucks line and I could get out but nope.  Because everyone behind THAT person is riding their ass and no one will let me move.

(Those colored circles are all vehicles.  Note poor me stuck as idiots see I stopped at the window for the shipping store and they freak out thinking I'll hold them up getting their f-ing $7.00 coffee.  Uh, I was literally handing off a package that takes about 25 seconds to finish MY transaction, unlike your much longer mocha-latte-grande-skinny-with-half-a-whatever blah blah blah order.  I was DONE AND READY TO LEAVE IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS AND STUCK BECAUSE OF STARBUCKS IDIOTS CUSTOMERS.)

It's an on-going issue as the poor owner of the shipping place has mentioned to me previously in chit-chat, but since I've not used their drive up window before, I didn't have to experience it first hand.  I can't imagine dealing with that every single day of my life.


And after that I had to pick up a prescription, I noted the guy ringing it up had to swipe my card about 3 or 4 times.  I pondered that a moment.  But then, whatever. It went through, I got the package and left.

Then I went to the grocery store.

And when I went to pay, the card reader wouldn't take my chip card.
So I tried to swipe it and it kept getting declined.

I decided to do an electronic check (which as you know is instantaneous AND comes out of the SAME ACCOUNT as my debit card) but sure enough - electronic check cleared immediately with no problem so it was obviously not my account...

So I'm thinking it's probably my chip or magnetic strip that is f-ed up.

And you can't go into the bank here.  LOL. Well, you can but you have to call and make an appointment and the security guard has to let you in.

Great timing for all these little pesky things to happen, right?  Like laptop computers suddenly dying, and debit card/bank cards not working....

I'm an introvert: This morning when I woke up I was content and happy for a few seconds. Until I remembered I actually have to leave the house today.

This morning when I woke up I was content and happy for a few seconds.
Until I remembered I actually have to leave the house today.
Coming to the end of this entire laptop computer mess, I have to send back the 15" laptop that came with the generic, cheap monitor instead of the touch-screen that model is supposed to be sold with.
I have it boxed up and the shipping label they sent me on it, but I don't want to use a FedEx 'drop box' or even a pick-up.  I want to know I've handed it over to a human, safe and sound... and did my part to get it returned properly.
That means I have to leave the house.
And I have to go to a new-to-me business drive-thru.
And interact with people.

I will do it as fast as I can so I can get home again.
Much like ripping off a band-aid.



I'm holding a cup of coffee, so yeah, I'm pretty busy

This morning I'm anxious to head out to the store - I need a couple 'household' items but they don't actually open until 9:00 am so...  here I am, with coffee.

Kind of wasting a bit of time before I can go.

But I'm not reading news.

Our media could be doing well to join the country together, lift us up and keep spirits up.  Be team players.

Instead they are hell bent on dividing, spreading hate, misinformation, conjecture and trying to pit us all against each other.  That's not journalism.  That's Yellow Journalism.

I honestly don't know that anyone under the age of about 27 or 28 knows what real journalism is. They haven't really seen it in the past 10-15 years they've been busy 'growing up'.
You know, before the internet. Before personal opinions clouded facts.  Before lies in main stream journalism were more common than truth.

I really don't.

(Just quickly pondering here... I feel as though a huge turning point in journalism came about after Brian Williams of NBC was caught lying numerous times; remember his Iraq helicopter story?  Before that he was literally one of the most trusted people in America.  I believe he was ranked somewhere around the 23rd most trusted person at the time by some publication.  After that it just seemed like our media completely shifted and filled not only with 'just say it now and we can always retract it later' type reporting but also the shift to all-out bias and hatred... and personal vendetta's playing out in the media (think politically) when they should stick to the facts.  Who?  What?  When? Where? How?)

Gah, now my fresh coffee is cold.  And I don't drink cooled coffee.....


Today in Quarantine Life: Haircuts at the Coffeehaus

It's a good thing my husband is married to a woman of many talents and skills.

With the salons shut down as non-essential, my husband is among the guys whose hair was looking a little shaggy.  We've been at this Covid-19 quarantine thing now for a month and I've just given him his second haircut.  I was a little more relaxed about it today, as I was getting back into the swing of things.

Back in the swing of things?  Yep.  Because for the first half of our marriage we couldn't afford to have someone cut our hair (nope, not even the $6.99 specials and yes, that IS how poor we were) so I cut our hair.  Once in a great number of years I'd let someone else cut my hair, I'd hate it, and I'd go back to cutting it myself.  And doing my own color and highlights too.

I slowly and surely convinced my husband to start letting someone else cut his hair.  It was a bit like getting a timid 5 year old to enter the classroom to start kindergarten, but after a few weeks (months) of prodding and supporting him, and blatantly telling him "NO" I'm not cutting his hair, he started to go to others for his haircuts.

But here we are.  We've come full circle.  Luckily the 20+ years of hair cutting experience came back like riding a bicycle.  Good thing too because no one wants to see the 'boss' with a shaggy do, or a scalped self attempt with a poorly wielded razor.

(For the record, we have a haircut clipper 'kit'.  We had one, my son asked for it when he moved out, so I bought a second one about 8 years ago when we got the dogs and I used it off and on to trim our Golden Retriever.  But then, I realized it was easier to trim her with scissors so the haircut kit reverted back to the humans.  Thank goodness we had it or he'd be 'Shaggy' for sure! Zoinks!)

Gov. Cuomo believes rapists are 'non-violent' and released them to the general population so the poor little men don't catch a virus.

A Brooklyn man was arrested Saturday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman just 10 days after he was released from Rikers Island over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus behind bars, according to a report.

Robert Pondexter was being held at the notorious New York City prison on a separate rape charge when he was released.

He was charged Saturday with attempted rape and sexual assault among other offenses.

Pondexter was released from Rikers Island on April 15 as part of the facility’s effort to improve social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Post reported. He had been held for allegedly raping a different woman who he used drugs with. 

James Little, 41, who was released on parole following his 1995 murder conviction, had been arrested on March 3 for allegedly beating and choking his girlfriend inside her Brooklyn home. He spent three weeks at Rikers Island before he was cleared for release on March 28 after his attorneys argued the jail was a hotbed for infection.

An inmate and a correction officer at Rikers Island both tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-March, union officials and the state corrections department confirmed. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo cleared the way for about 1,200 non-violent offenders who were being held for parole violations to be released from Rikers Island amid concerns about the spread of infection at the facility. 

The jail population has been reduced by 1,669 inmates since March 16, with some 3,888 inmates remaining in custody at Rikers Island, according to a Board of Correction COVID-19 update published Thursday. 

Apparently Gov. Cuomo believes RAPISTS are 'non-violent' and released them to the general population so the poor little men don't catch a virus.  Law abiding citizen's safety doesn't matter.

These fabric masks do almost nothing at all... but they give people a sense of security and the visual of seeing it on is 'reassuring'.

Morning coffee and a little bit of news...

Not much though, because it's better for your emotional and mental health to avoid 99% of it.  Hate, fighting, lies, arguments, faked stories, embellished for shock value, blatant bias in leaving things unreported that should be and of course all the actresses making headlines for posting 'quarantine photos in underwear or naked' (That's not f-ink news!?).  Anyway... yeah, over the past few months I've learned to skim and avoid most news because frankly, it's not even news.  It's personal opinions, conjecture and usually... misinformation. 

But I've got my coffee!  And a quiet morning with fresh, hot coffee is good.

This news headline has been around for a couple days but I find it interesting to ponder on many different levels. 

In four U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus -- 96% without symptoms

Let's just say it was an indication of the general population as a whole and not just this small test of 4 sites.  What if 96% of the general population are positive but have absolutely no symptoms and are just going about their normal lives. Or just obscure or minor symptoms that could be anything else so  that they (we) aren't being tested.  So what if most all of us have the virus in our systems already, even if it isn't presenting in 96%+ of us?  


Fabric is basically an open window to droplets of almost any shape or size, and do nothing.  Yet, because people feel better being told they are doing 'something' now it's a 'thing' to put on a mask no matter where you go and many cities and towns are requiring it.  

And it's doing nothing. 

If you can feel breath through the fabric, if there are openings and it's not a tight fit, if it does not completely cover your nose and mouth, you might as well wear nothing at all.  And that would be more comfortable anyway. 

It has to be a material that is actually filtering or you are not doing a damn thing by wearing that little fabric piece of nothing over your mouth.

While cloth masks can prevent you from inhaling airborne droplets, they block just 3% of particles, which is only marginally better than wearing nothing at all.
Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, Americans have been told by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention not to wear masks unless they are sick, caring for a sick person who is unable to wear one or working in health care.

Numerous reasons have been given: that they don't offer significant protection from germs, that the most effective models need special fitting in order to work, that regular people don't typically wear them correctly, that they'll give people a false sense of security and cause them to be lax about hand-washing and social distancing.
".......study, of health care workers in Vietnam, found that use of cloth masks resulted in greater infection than either those wearing surgical masks or a control group, some of whom also wore surgical masks."

There are people using cone shaped coffee filters 
and tying them on their heads with pieces of string. 

Ponder that one for a bit.

-------> The coronavirus is extremely tiny — too tiny to be trapped by most fabrics that still allow air to flow through them.

"Masks are a "reminder that we need to be taking these precautions and serve as a reminder to people to keep that 6-foot buffer"- Joseph Allen, an assistant professor of exposure and assessment science at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Klompas agrees — and says that it can also give the wearer a welcome sense of security.

"It feels like you're behind a shield," he says, "and I think that in itself can be reassuring.""

RIGHT THERE says it all.

These fabric masks do almost nothing at all... but they give people a sense of security and the visual of seeing it on is 'reassuring'. 

We're making ourselves feel better but we're not accomplishing a damn thing.


It's a Saturday! Good Morning! The thing I had to sign for yesterday was not a wood coffee table after all....

Yesterday I mentioned I needed to get some groceries for both our family and the 2nd family I'm shopping for during the COVID-19 quarantine; but I had gotten notice from FedEx I had a delivery coming that needed a signature release.


The only item I knew was being delivered yesterday was a small, rustic coffee table made out of old barn wood and pallet wood. (This one if you are interested... perfect size for our small sectional in the loft area upstairs.)  I really shouldn't need a signature for that - so I thought it odd but... whatever.
The delivery was slated between 11:00 am and 5:25 pm.

I got ready to head to the store quickly, but checked emails one last time as I walked by my laptop.

I had an email from HP with a tracking number, telling me my replacement laptop was being delivered today and needed a signature release.

That makes more sense!  It wasn't the coffee table needing a signature, it was a laptop computer.

Yes, this frustrating computer/laptop saga is STILL ongoing... since April 9th.

Terrible timing to have your laptop die the second week of April, as the end of March found millions of people suddenly "working from home" and "attending school online from home" due to the COVID-19 quarantines.

And everyone and their grandmother needed to suddenly find a laptop with built-in webcams.

Because my laptop died about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks after the 'rush' I had a HECK of a time trying to track one down.  Especially because I was trying to replace a 15" with both a built in webcam and the DVD drive.  (Those are getting impossible to find but important for my needs.)

I've been dealing with a long, drawn out saga of having to purchase 3 laptops from two different big box retailers in the hopes of getting ONE of them.

I will spare you details but basically, I had  a 4th laptop on order as a replacement for one of the 'new' ones (yeah... you read that righ.  Sigh.) But I honestly wasn't expecting it to ship until the end of May.


There are laptops you feel comfortable with and love immediately... and then there are those that you don't like at all and never, ever do as long as you own them.  Some you 'grow to like ok' after a while.

It's a HP Pavillion convertible  and it was love at first sight.
Looked great.  Felt great. Was comfortable to use, to type on and YES it had the correct and functioning touch screen and tablet mode!!

It took 4 computers to get one that actually had the functioning touch screen it was sold as having.

The saga still isn't 'over' as I have the 1st laptop (which is actually the 3rd one I ordered when I was hoping to actually get one of the 3).  And I'm waiting for instructions on how to return that one. But at this point I have replacements.

I can pay my online bills.  And write. And work. And communicate with extended family. And shop for items I need, read the news, stay informed.

... and now my coffee is cold.  It happens.  I tend to ramble.  Don't mind me... it's just the coffee talking again.


The ONE day I was going to leave the house... and an update on my family member

Good Morning!

This morning I was considering venturing out for groceries but wouldn't you know, the one morning I plan to go, the first time to hit up a grocery store (or any store) since March and I have a small delivery that apparently needs a signature and could come between 11:00 - 5:25 today.  Ha Ha.  Of course.  Even in isolation, when you are home literally every day for a month, and the one day you decide to venture out, you may miss a delivery!

I'd put it off until 'tomorrow' but tomorrow is Saturday and will be much busier than a weekday and I'd like to avoid as many people as I can.  I'm also shopping for two families yet as we try to keep our very pregnant family member home and safe, away from people.  Especially grocery stores.

Some of you that visit Coffee Talking often know I mentioned my Aunt a few posts back.
She had muscular dystrophy but was healthy until April 9th when she got pneumonia in one lung and had trouble breathing and was hospitalized.
She wasn't all that old, but she's had MD since birth.
She passed away this morning at 12:30 am.
It's the first time she's walked in almost 30 years.

Off to brew one more cup of fresh, hot coffee... 

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Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I reached my coffee limit this morning earlier than I expected.  The headache I have, along with the sparkling eye floaties tells me for whatever reason, I could only have 3 cups this morning.


Because that's never happened after just 3 cups before.

I don't typically get the sparkles and blank spots in my vision until my 5th cup.

Something to ponder, perhaps.


Although I'm thankful to have a new, replacement laptop (whew!) I'm simply amazed and even a bit fearful at the overwhelming amount of blatant and hidden spyware and privacy stealers they have built into this latest Windows 10 operating system.  

Truly... blown away.  This is insane.

Because I've had my 'old' laptop for so long I didn't realize how much scary over-reaching WINDOWS and APPLE are doing (together even) now.
Not until I got this new laptop.

I keep thinking of the 'typical' user who doesn't know how to dig deep... and then deeper and even deeper to get Microsoft and Apple out of their private emails, conversations, text messages (yep, text messages... as in... you cell phone... because yes, your Windows 10 automatically finds your iphone(s) as well as every other item either electronic or using the same icloud or apple log in, etc.) and they all have an orgy and share everything.  Everything.  Much like sexually transmitted diseases.  Except, they are literally sharing every conversation, email, text message, email, document, word or excel spreadsheets, every question you use Cortana for and more.  Oh, so, so much more.

Meh... it's just the coffee talking again.  And now I need to go get dressed for the day.


Go Green and Ditch the Single Serve Keurig Pods? Mr. Coffee HotCup brews single serve... without the pod!


Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve/Pod Free Coffee Maker

The Perfect Cup of Fresh, Hot Coffee......brewed to the exact strength you like. 

Just scoop your favorite coffee grounds with the easy measuring scoop, set the dial anywhere from 6 to 12 oz., and press Brew Now. The kettle heater will heat the water to the optimal brewing temperature, and the water flow system will distribute it evenly over the grounds through the cone filter, releasing the rich, bold coffee flavors.

More Convenient Features

  • Fits travel mugs up to 7" tall
  • Makes anywhere from 6-12 oz.
  • 74 oz. illuminated water tank
  • Auto on/off
  • Dishwasher-safe brew basket
  • Use as a hot water dispenser

Available from Mr. Coffee or you can order on Amazon too!

Tiny Update to a previous post: My Aunt

Coffee time... a bit late but I've had a busy morning.

I need some quiet (silent) computer time anyway right now.  It's a good time to brew some coffee.

I just a got the call my Aunt (that I posted about previously) is not doing well.  The hospital just called my parents.  My parents live about 4 1/2 - 5 hours away from my Aunt; but the nurses said if they can get there, they are going to by-pass the no visitor rule and let my Mom in since it's not COVID-19 (and my parents have completely quarantined in their house for just over a month now as well). 

My Aunt has no one else near by that can come and no one wants to die alone - so the nurses said my Mom can see her if she can get there in time. (... it's pneumonia on top of all her other health issues and complications; and frankly, it's mostly a lack of will to live at this point.)


I finally tracked down one of my laptop purchases so at least I'm not floundering during this isolation without a laptop to work on!

I'm typing on a... new computer. Whew!
One made it.

Not without a lot of stress, frustration and phone calls.
(I was number 778 in queue when I called)
I was indeed lied to for 4+ days while FedEx promised it was 'on the vehicle and out for delivery'.
It never was.

Out of 3 laptops ordered, I have one that I can actually use.  (Although it also came sold as a touch screen but it's not - it's a generic screen. I don't care. I'm keeping it.) Some family and friends chuckled at me back in the first week of April when I realized I'd have to attempt to order 3 laptops ($$$$) and see if I actually would receive any of them.

I'm telling ya... horrible time to need a laptop computer right now with all the employees, teachers, students and families rushing out to buy them once they realized they were working and schooling from home.


I've got more going on and some coffee talk I suppose for another time but I don't have time this morning.  I've actually got to leave the house for the first time since March 30/31st.  But I wanted to update my blog to say yes... I finally tracked down one of my laptop purchases so at least I'm not floundering during this isolation without a laptop to work on!


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Beating this topic to death, I know... but yeah, I'm still on delivery watch AGAIN for the 4th day in a row of their lies

I'm once again on FedEx 'watch' for my laptop to be delivered.
If you're following the saga, it's a laptop that was originally ordered 4/9.

  • The company canceled the order a few hours later without telling me...  no reason given either.
  • The next day, assuming I had a replacement emergency laptop on order, 'something' told me to check the account/order history.  That's when I logged into my account and saw they had canceled it without letting me know.
  • It showed it was still in stock so I ordered it again.
  • But I didn't trust them at this point so I ordered another (3rd by now) laptop from a different company.
  • That one was delivered the next day!  Yay!
  • But... then I realized someone at some point had stolen the touch screen monitor/display and replaced it with a generic, non-functioning touch screen. 
  • I've been dealing with HP since then over that issue... more on that in a bit.
  • So the 2nd laptop I re-ordered with the first company was still pending and I decided to wait, and let it go through since the laptop I received might have to be returned due to the false display.
  • They finally had a ship date for last Friday, 4/17.
  • FedEx came, delivered a box of something else I ordered, but no 2nd box with my laptop.
  • 2 hours later they recorded a "local delivery restriction" exception and "no attempted delivery".
  • The next day the package was AGAIN "On FedEx vehicle and out for delivery" but again... no show.
  • Then the tracking was updated to show "NO DELIVERY DATE" and shipping was "PENDING".
  • Apparently they do this when they've lost or stolen the package.
  • During this time I got ZERO UPDATES from FedEx even though I signed up for real time texts.
  • No communication.
  • Today, 4/20 I'm once again told it's on the FedEx vehicle and 'out for delivery'.  
  • Exactly what I've been told every day since Friday.

In the meantime, HP tells me my computer with the generic installed display was probably done "at a distribution center" for B*st B*y.  They said during this COVID-19 isolation, all computers are sold out and back-ordered, even at their level, so unless I wanted to wait up to 3 months,  they could replace mine with a 'refurbished' model.

Um, I just bought a brand new $650 computer that had a fake monitor installed by someone and you want to replace it with a refurbished, used model?  Uh, no?  I told them I'd accept a new one of any comparable model.  So then they offered me a new one that seems to be comparable for the most part but is $100 less than mine so, there has to be some differences in there.  This is still on-going and I have a new email from them waiting for me to read, so who knows where we'll end up with this whole computer mess.

No matter what happens, it looks like I'm getting screwed either way.  LOL.
But... when your laptop dies during this quarantine and you need a computer to pay bills, communicate, get work done... you do what you gotta do!


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No scheduled delivery date available at this time.

Good Morning!  Coffee's on!

It's a Sunday morning - I'm hanging out with coffee waiting for about another 20  minutes now until I'll watch mass online.  I just listened to a great (and quick) Coffee Talk with Father Brad in which he discussed the separation of Church and state and what that means to politicians.

Update to my computer saga?
No delivery.
I tracked that sucker for 11 hours yesterday.  I refreshed the FedEx tracking page over and over, sure not to miss the minute they would update anything.  I kept my cell phone with me at all times as I had signed up with them to get text updates.  For the record... DID NOT RECEIVE ANY - after the initial 'opt in' text.

At 7:15 pm last night suddenly the online tracking changed.

Instead of saying it would be delivered 4/18 by "the end of the day" it now reads....

No scheduled delivery date available at this time.

Scheduled delivery: Pending

(Originally "on the vehicle and out for delivery" on Friday, 4/17, but at 5:01 pm they suddenly changed tracking updates to a 'delivery exception' and said it would be delivered the next day, 4/18.  At 5:08 am it was 'on the vehicle and out for delivery' but at 7:15 pm last night suddenly it... wasn't anymore. Now they say they have no delivery date scheduled.  What happened to my laptop that was on the truck out for delivery on Friday and Saturday then?)

And you all thought I was joking when I said back on April 9th that I ordered 3 laptops hoping I'd at least get ONE OF THEM.  I wasn't joking.  So far I'm 1 for 3 and this one arrived with parts removed and replaced with cheap generic parts.  The DVD burner and the touch screen monitor are 'generic' not standard to this model/make and non-functioning.  

I've got to drink this coffee before it goes cold.
I'll be back.
Good morning!!!


Pretty sure that "Delivery exception - Local delivery restriction" is just a lie the FedEx drivers use......

Over the years I've had far less issues with UPS than I have FedEx.  Generally speaking, I've found UPS to be reliable.


Not so much.

Once, at our previous home, I was hanging curtains in our living room which is literally in the front of the house, with a huge picture window overlooking the driveway and front door.  I was up on a chair, with a drill in my hand, screws in my mouth, when I saw the FedEx van drive into the driveway.

The driver jumped out of the vehicle, ran up to the door with a sticky note in their hand, slapped it on the outside of my door and ran back to the vehicle, put it in reverse and was half way down the cul-de-sac by the time I got to the door and attempted to wave them down.

The sticker they slapped on the door?

Said they 'attempted' to deliver my package but I wasn't home and I would need to pick it up in the local 'big city' downtown warehouse.


I called IMMEDIATELY - like, the vehicle was probably only 2 blocks away by the time I was calling that number on the sticky note.

They tried to lie to cover their asses.


Tell me the truth if you fuck up... don't lie.

UPS and the USPS do most of my deliveries, but apparently Sam's Club likes to use FedEx.
And both Sam's Club AND FedEx have been completely awful, horrible and unreliable in the past 6 weeks.

But Target, BestBuy.com, Walmart and UPS have been fantastic.

Right now I'm waiting on FedEx... again.

I had 2 orders coming and FedEx is the delivery service.
Yesterday they came at 3:05 and delivered a small box of some canned pantry items. 
I waited on the front stair with my Lysol in hand and watched him drive away.
The second box (a computer) wasn't left.
I kept checking the tracking number only to see at 5:01 pm the FedEx driver (same one or different one, I have no way of knowing) canceled delivery with the notation on the tracking site:

Delivery exception
Local delivery restriction - Delivery not attempted
Local delivery restriction?
It was a beautiful sunny, gorgeous warm day.  Not weather related.
It was not a holiday so not 'holiday' related.
We do not live in a gated subdivision, or have delivery restrictions.
It's a single family home.
We live in a very small town so it wasn't traffic related.
There were no accidents, no heavy traffic and most people are 'home' now so no commuter headaches.
There is not ONE SINGLE LEGITIMATE REASON I know of for a local delivery restriction.
And they don't give you any more information.
And you can't 'question' them.
So as of right now (almost 4:pm on the 2nd day I've been promised delivery) I have... nothing.
Except the email saying my laptop computer is supposedly coming today.
Just like it was supposedly on the truck and 'out for delivery' yesterday as well.

I like coffee and maybe 3 people... and there isn't enough to coffee in the universe to motivate to me to do this task right now

This morning I clicked on It's Just the Coffee Talking to see what the last thing I posted about was. (I've got so much going on that I honestly couldn't remember.)  At the bottom of my page I saw the Amazon ads for this t-shirt - and it was SO fitting for me that I had to click on it.  LOL.  It says "I Like Coffee and Maybe 3 People" - that is SO me.

It looks like they run small (almost all clothing on Amazon does since it all comes from China and adult women are about the same size as a 7 year old girl in the US) so if you order this one, order about 2 sizes larger than normal (according to the reviews).

* * * * *

While looking at t-shirts I also saw this book and it made me laugh.  Of course I had to add it to my Coffee Talking post this morning even though it has absolutely nothing to do with... anything.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

Are any of you undertaking huge projects and being all productive during this 'stay at home' mandate most of us are under?

I've been seeing posts and photos and blogs of people redoing rooms in their homes, redecorating, doing landscaping...

I had grandeur visions of all I would accomplish during this time as well.

And I haven't done any of them.

I have three rooms that are were on my "I'll do..."  list.

The upstairs loft.
The laundry room.
One of the kids "empty nest" bedrooms.

I was actually busy doing a lot of this before the COVID-19 quarantines began.  But as soon as I HAD to stay home and I SHOULD paint, decorate and clean out these areas; I suddenly found myself completely and utterly unmotivated.

Always been one to rebel against what I SHOULD do or what I'm TOLD to do... I don't suppose it's a big surprise that because I should be doing those tasks now, I don't want to and am basically refusing to.  I've been this way my whole life.  There is a rebellious teen still living inside me.

I'm sure as soon as the 'stay home' mandates are lifted, some retail stores open back up and people can venture places and 'do' things and go back to work again, I'll be perfectly motivated to get these rooms done.  When no one else is doing theirs any longer.

It's not a conscious decision.
It's just me standing, staring at the rooms I was previously excited to update... and finding myself breathing out, rolling my eyes, shaking my head and closing the door and walking away.


There isn't enough coffee in the universe to motivate me to clean out the laundry room, take down the shelves and repaint this weekend.


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  If my mouth doesn't say it, my face definitely will

I drink coffee for your protection


Headaches: New computers and new phones all in the same week. Ha ha.

One week ago I received the new computer I ordered.  I've been fighting with it ever since.

The long story made short is that at some point either at the original factory, or at the 'distribution center' someone replaced the original monitor/display it was supposed to have, with a generic display.  (The manufacturer told me when things like this happen it's usually at the distribution centers, not the original factory.)   So it doesn't have the capabilities it's supposed to have.  And that I paid for.

I know it doesn't sound like a huge deal but if any of you have dealt with trying to communicate with non-English speaking 'English speaking' customer service reps from overseas, you'll understand my frustration.  It was escalated but still to a non-English speaking 'English speaker' and it went a tad bit easier but not much.

The quarantine is making it difficult in numerous ways as well.  Returns are not easy when stores are closed.  No one has replacements in stock as everyone works/schools/communicates from home now during the quarantine and everyone rushed out to buy/order laptops.  The actual computer manufacturers don't even have them in stock.

I've been in direct contact with the company and I'm told a new replacement could take 2 months, but I could get a refurbished one sent to me now.  WHY HP thinks I'd want a refurbished to replace a brand-new-just-out-of-the-box laptop... I don't know.

Anyway...  long, frustrating phone calls and emails in broken English have been a part of every day for the past week.

Among other things.
Lots (and lots) of... other things.


Regular readers might recall I have 2 cellphones.  I think I got my older cell phone in December of 2012 (?).  Back when they made cell phones to last.  It's awesome.  The battery lasts 3 days - unlike cell phones today that last mere hours.  I've had that particular account and phone number for about 18 years now so all my 'older' relatives, extended family, etc. have that number, as well as certain accounts, apps.

However, about 3 (?) years ago it was old enough I could not longer update to any newer operating system updates.  It's as updated as it's going to get and can no longer run any newer iOS - which I believe is up to iOS 13 but my old reliable is forever capped out at using 10.3 or something like that.  Apple doesn't even allow any iOS updates to it and haven't for years.

Also, apps are huge memory hogs now... with so much fluff and crap and tracking built into them.  I had to keep deleting apps and personal photos in order to make room for any app updates.

But the phone is great, it's been in a cover this whole time so it still looks great.  It lasts forever, it's a great backup phone to have and I still use it for so many things.  I don't want to spend $$$ on a new phone when this one is still fine.

BUT... (you knew there was a but coming).

In the past 1 1/2 weeks, one by one, I've been informed by app after app that they are no longer compatible with my phone and I can't use them (...or I have to uninstall and reinstall an older version.  I don't mind using an older version if it still works...) but there are a few that will not work, and won't even let me use them or sign in anymore.

One of those that will not work at ALL anymore is my home security camera app.


And when I had 3 apps in 3 days refuse to work any longer, I knew that I was being forced into updating my phone... when I don't want to.

So, today I have 'new' phone being delivered to replace my old reliable.  The one that's been with me for the past 8 years.  The one that's traveled literally all over this country. The one I keep photos on from 8 years ago just because I love looking back on them (Yeah, they're copied elsewhere but that's not the point). 

I am being forced to update a perfectly good phone....  sigh.
And I hate being 'forced' to do anything.

But when my home security system app wouldn't work on that one anymore I knew... it was time.


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Extroverts are much like this little hummingbird who was trapped in my home office this morning....

As long as the sun is shining, I'm doing oh-so-well with this quarantine thing.  My lifestyle wasn't really much different 'before'.  Thus, the life of an introvert.  Happy-so-happy to stay home and not have to go out in public, not have to do any social obligations. So for us, it's a relief to stay home.  Less stress and anxiety.

This morning, a hummingbird flew through my open front door (letting in the glorious sunshine and fresh air...), he turned the corner and went into the office, where he promptly found himself wanting desperately to get out... but he couldn't.

He was reduced to staring out the window at the great beyond... but he couldn't be there.

Much like extroverts during the COVID-19 pandemic isolation.


(It's only about 41 degrees this morning but I have a space heater next to my office chair so I can enjoy the fresh air and open door.)

Mr. Coffee just happened to have the day off and was home this morning on a conference call.  He came upstairs as I was attempting to coax Little Bird out.  With his help, we opened the large lower window, took out the screen and managed to maneuver him to where he found the exit and flew off....  just like the extroverts will be able to do soon.

If you enjoy visiting Just the Coffee Talking, please consider using this affiliate link if you are planning to shop for anything (seriously, anything!) at Amazon.
If you plan to buy anything there; for today, for a birthday, for your home, a new baby, event, clothing; even just get some coffee or groceries, please consider going there through my link to get there? Thanks so much! Amazon by Coffee Talking