Could I live with my entire life in one - and only one - color?

Can you imagine going through the last 40+ years of your life only wearing one and ONLY one color? And decorating your entire house in that color?  And eating off plates that color? 

What if that color was... RED?

You can read the story at the link above but basically, my intro says it all.

Let me just say that red is one of my LEAST favorite colors.  I kind of hate the color red... and looking at this woman's house, I can barely breath.  It's a bit overwhelming for someone who is as sensitive to colors as I am. 

Could I live with my entire life in one - and only one - color?  Maybe... if it was a creamy white.  Anything else just gets to be too much.

I can't imagine... but perhaps some of my readers love it? 





Gov. Cuomo believes rapists are 'non-violent' and released them to the general population so the poor little men don't catch a virus.

A Brooklyn man was arrested Saturday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman just 10 days after he was released from Rikers Island over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus behind bars, according to a report.

Robert Pondexter was being held at the notorious New York City prison on a separate rape charge when he was released.

He was charged Saturday with attempted rape and sexual assault among other offenses.

Pondexter was released from Rikers Island on April 15 as part of the facility’s effort to improve social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Post reported. He had been held for allegedly raping a different woman who he used drugs with. 

James Little, 41, who was released on parole following his 1995 murder conviction, had been arrested on March 3 for allegedly beating and choking his girlfriend inside her Brooklyn home. He spent three weeks at Rikers Island before he was cleared for release on March 28 after his attorneys argued the jail was a hotbed for infection.

An inmate and a correction officer at Rikers Island both tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-March, union officials and the state corrections department confirmed. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo cleared the way for about 1,200 non-violent offenders who were being held for parole violations to be released from Rikers Island amid concerns about the spread of infection at the facility. 

The jail population has been reduced by 1,669 inmates since March 16, with some 3,888 inmates remaining in custody at Rikers Island, according to a Board of Correction COVID-19 update published Thursday. 

Apparently Gov. Cuomo believes RAPISTS are 'non-violent' and released them to the general population so the poor little men don't catch a virus.  Law abiding citizen's safety doesn't matter.

These fabric masks do almost nothing at all... but they give people a sense of security and the visual of seeing it on is 'reassuring'.

Morning coffee and a little bit of news...

Not much though, because it's better for your emotional and mental health to avoid 99% of it.  Hate, fighting, lies, arguments, faked stories, embellished for shock value, blatant bias in leaving things unreported that should be and of course all the actresses making headlines for posting 'quarantine photos in underwear or naked' (That's not f-ink news!?).  Anyway... yeah, over the past few months I've learned to skim and avoid most news because frankly, it's not even news.  It's personal opinions, conjecture and usually... misinformation. 

But I've got my coffee!  And a quiet morning with fresh, hot coffee is good.

This news headline has been around for a couple days but I find it interesting to ponder on many different levels. 

In four U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus -- 96% without symptoms

Let's just say it was an indication of the general population as a whole and not just this small test of 4 sites.  What if 96% of the general population are positive but have absolutely no symptoms and are just going about their normal lives. Or just obscure or minor symptoms that could be anything else so  that they (we) aren't being tested.  So what if most all of us have the virus in our systems already, even if it isn't presenting in 96%+ of us?  


Fabric is basically an open window to droplets of almost any shape or size, and do nothing.  Yet, because people feel better being told they are doing 'something' now it's a 'thing' to put on a mask no matter where you go and many cities and towns are requiring it.  

And it's doing nothing. 

If you can feel breath through the fabric, if there are openings and it's not a tight fit, if it does not completely cover your nose and mouth, you might as well wear nothing at all.  And that would be more comfortable anyway. 

It has to be a material that is actually filtering or you are not doing a damn thing by wearing that little fabric piece of nothing over your mouth.

While cloth masks can prevent you from inhaling airborne droplets, they block just 3% of particles, which is only marginally better than wearing nothing at all.
Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, Americans have been told by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention not to wear masks unless they are sick, caring for a sick person who is unable to wear one or working in health care.

Numerous reasons have been given: that they don't offer significant protection from germs, that the most effective models need special fitting in order to work, that regular people don't typically wear them correctly, that they'll give people a false sense of security and cause them to be lax about hand-washing and social distancing.
".......study, of health care workers in Vietnam, found that use of cloth masks resulted in greater infection than either those wearing surgical masks or a control group, some of whom also wore surgical masks."

There are people using cone shaped coffee filters 
and tying them on their heads with pieces of string. 

Ponder that one for a bit.

-------> The coronavirus is extremely tiny — too tiny to be trapped by most fabrics that still allow air to flow through them.

"Masks are a "reminder that we need to be taking these precautions and serve as a reminder to people to keep that 6-foot buffer"- Joseph Allen, an assistant professor of exposure and assessment science at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Klompas agrees — and says that it can also give the wearer a welcome sense of security.

"It feels like you're behind a shield," he says, "and I think that in itself can be reassuring.""

RIGHT THERE says it all.

These fabric masks do almost nothing at all... but they give people a sense of security and the visual of seeing it on is 'reassuring'. 

We're making ourselves feel better but we're not accomplishing a damn thing.


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Google is being sued for allegedly collecting children's biometric data, including face scans and "voiceprints," through the company's classroom products.


Well, THIS is interesting.....   from the news:

Google is being sued for allegedly collecting children's biometric data, including face scans and "voiceprints," through the company's classroom products.

The complaint said that Google is using its program that provides school districts with Chromebooks and free access to G Suite for Education apps to create face templates and "voiceprints" of children.
Google's practice runs the risk of also violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that requires companies to get parental consent before collecting personal information from users under the age of 13.