A break from COVID-19 pandemic news.... OTHER kinds of news! Sunglasses made from coffee, a man grows his own rainforest and more!

Afternoon coffee!!!  It's 3:30 here and I just ate a bunch of 'leftover' cake from the freezer and topped it off with some freshly brewed hot coffee.  Perfect for reading some news, right?  Yep!  But I'm just so over negative fear-mongering news right now.  I can't believe how our 'leaders' are still full of political hatred and fighting right now. For pete's sake! 

So this list is... not political nor pandemic.  :)

These glasses are made from coffee

The man who grew his own Amazon rainforest

Evidence of ancient rainforest in Antarctica point to warmer prehistoric world

Super pink moon: NASA's top tips for April skywatchers

FDA pulls Zantac heartburn medicine from store shelves

Anonymous mother leaves bagged lunches in public "for anyone who needs it"

Reporter interrupted by shirtless dad while filming news segment from home

Authorities find 2000-foot smuggling tunnel under San Diego, seize $29 million worth of drugs

Teacher who disarmed, hugged student will receive Congressional Medal of Honor