Beating this topic to death, I know... but yeah, I'm still on delivery watch AGAIN for the 4th day in a row of their lies

I'm once again on FedEx 'watch' for my laptop to be delivered.
If you're following the saga, it's a laptop that was originally ordered 4/9.

  • The company canceled the order a few hours later without telling me...  no reason given either.
  • The next day, assuming I had a replacement emergency laptop on order, 'something' told me to check the account/order history.  That's when I logged into my account and saw they had canceled it without letting me know.
  • It showed it was still in stock so I ordered it again.
  • But I didn't trust them at this point so I ordered another (3rd by now) laptop from a different company.
  • That one was delivered the next day!  Yay!
  • But... then I realized someone at some point had stolen the touch screen monitor/display and replaced it with a generic, non-functioning touch screen. 
  • I've been dealing with HP since then over that issue... more on that in a bit.
  • So the 2nd laptop I re-ordered with the first company was still pending and I decided to wait, and let it go through since the laptop I received might have to be returned due to the false display.
  • They finally had a ship date for last Friday, 4/17.
  • FedEx came, delivered a box of something else I ordered, but no 2nd box with my laptop.
  • 2 hours later they recorded a "local delivery restriction" exception and "no attempted delivery".
  • The next day the package was AGAIN "On FedEx vehicle and out for delivery" but again... no show.
  • Then the tracking was updated to show "NO DELIVERY DATE" and shipping was "PENDING".
  • Apparently they do this when they've lost or stolen the package.
  • During this time I got ZERO UPDATES from FedEx even though I signed up for real time texts.
  • No communication.
  • Today, 4/20 I'm once again told it's on the FedEx vehicle and 'out for delivery'.  
  • Exactly what I've been told every day since Friday.

In the meantime, HP tells me my computer with the generic installed display was probably done "at a distribution center" for B*st B*y.  They said during this COVID-19 isolation, all computers are sold out and back-ordered, even at their level, so unless I wanted to wait up to 3 months,  they could replace mine with a 'refurbished' model.

Um, I just bought a brand new $650 computer that had a fake monitor installed by someone and you want to replace it with a refurbished, used model?  Uh, no?  I told them I'd accept a new one of any comparable model.  So then they offered me a new one that seems to be comparable for the most part but is $100 less than mine so, there has to be some differences in there.  This is still on-going and I have a new email from them waiting for me to read, so who knows where we'll end up with this whole computer mess.

No matter what happens, it looks like I'm getting screwed either way.  LOL.
But... when your laptop dies during this quarantine and you need a computer to pay bills, communicate, get work done... you do what you gotta do!


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