Extroverts are much like this little hummingbird who was trapped in my home office this morning....

As long as the sun is shining, I'm doing oh-so-well with this quarantine thing.  My lifestyle wasn't really much different 'before'.  Thus, the life of an introvert.  Happy-so-happy to stay home and not have to go out in public, not have to do any social obligations. So for us, it's a relief to stay home.  Less stress and anxiety.

This morning, a hummingbird flew through my open front door (letting in the glorious sunshine and fresh air...), he turned the corner and went into the office, where he promptly found himself wanting desperately to get out... but he couldn't.

He was reduced to staring out the window at the great beyond... but he couldn't be there.

Much like extroverts during the COVID-19 pandemic isolation.


(It's only about 41 degrees this morning but I have a space heater next to my office chair so I can enjoy the fresh air and open door.)

Mr. Coffee just happened to have the day off and was home this morning on a conference call.  He came upstairs as I was attempting to coax Little Bird out.  With his help, we opened the large lower window, took out the screen and managed to maneuver him to where he found the exit and flew off....  just like the extroverts will be able to do soon.

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