Freshman Fifteen? Years later it's now the Quarantine Fifteen!!


The first couple weeks of venturing out to find groceries is when everything was being hit up hard.  Entire aisles were wiped clean of... everything.  You couldn't find milk, eggs, cheese, canned soups of any flavor, style or brand; no meat, no chicken, no pork. No deli food, no snacks. Frozen pizzas, meals, sour cream... almost everything except fresh fruits and vegetables was hit hard. 

Things have lightened up a bit.  I have still only seen eggs in the store once in the past 5 weeks or so, and they were the really expensive organic, brown, free-range style; which of course were sold out within 30 minutes as well - but that's the only time I've seen eggs in stock at all for over a month.

Luckily we haven't needed eggs.

But as I shopped, I realized I needed to get what was in stock, what would keep well, what would be a 'comfort' food during trying times and what was easy to fix, pantry or freezer stable and I could make numerous different items with.

In the end I completely went off our 'healthy' eating of low carb, sugar free.

I bought potatoes.

And I bought frozen pizzas.
And flour tortillas.
And bread.
And tortellini.

I even gave in to an impulse and bought Reese's Pieces.
Yesterday I even had leftover cake from the freezer with my afternoon coffee.

In other words, things that were full of carbs, sugar, and starches that turn to sugar in the body; and go right to my stomach, boobs, hips, butt and thighs.

In the past 2-3 weeks I've noticed I have indeed put on weight.
I don't know how much because I refuse to step on the scale.
The last time I did, it was up about 4 pounds.

I've not ventured back on it since.

I know I've put on  weight.
I can see it and I can feel it.
My underwear got a bit tighter.

I think now that the shock of shelter-in-place is more of a daily 'thing' and this is our life now, it's time to take back our eating habits.  Oh how hard this will be!

Because, people!  I bought a huge box of mozzarella sticks!  And rising crust pizzas! And I even gave in at the last second and bought a frozen family sized macaroni and cheese!


But this morning as I lay in bed, thinking about getting up for the day and going over what I did yesterday and what I need to accomplish today; I realized I have an order coming at some point in the  next few weeks for 2 new pairs of shorts.

I had the realization that I ordered my normal size shorts but with this 'QUARANTINE FIFTEEN' pounds that I'm well on my to gaining if I don't rein it in now, my new shorts are not going to fit!


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