Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I reached my coffee limit this morning earlier than I expected.  The headache I have, along with the sparkling eye floaties tells me for whatever reason, I could only have 3 cups this morning.


Because that's never happened after just 3 cups before.

I don't typically get the sparkles and blank spots in my vision until my 5th cup.

Something to ponder, perhaps.


Although I'm thankful to have a new, replacement laptop (whew!) I'm simply amazed and even a bit fearful at the overwhelming amount of blatant and hidden spyware and privacy stealers they have built into this latest Windows 10 operating system.  

Truly... blown away.  This is insane.

Because I've had my 'old' laptop for so long I didn't realize how much scary over-reaching WINDOWS and APPLE are doing (together even) now.
Not until I got this new laptop.

I keep thinking of the 'typical' user who doesn't know how to dig deep... and then deeper and even deeper to get Microsoft and Apple out of their private emails, conversations, text messages (yep, text messages... as in... you cell phone... because yes, your Windows 10 automatically finds your iphone(s) as well as every other item either electronic or using the same icloud or apple log in, etc.) and they all have an orgy and share everything.  Everything.  Much like sexually transmitted diseases.  Except, they are literally sharing every conversation, email, text message, email, document, word or excel spreadsheets, every question you use Cortana for and more.  Oh, so, so much more.

Meh... it's just the coffee talking again.  And now I need to go get dressed for the day.