Good Morning!  Mr. Coffee has the day off but still has to take conference calls so while is in his mancave-workoutroom-office sipping coffee and doing his mandatory conference call, I'll sip coffee and... chat.

First - a huge shout-out to a Coffee Talking friend (TS)  who celebrated my birthday from afar with me.

She had baked a loaf of bread, put CANDLES in it and lit them for me!  She added a happy birthday message and sent the photo to me.  I told her that was the sweetest thing anyone had done for me all day for my birthday... and I meant it.  It was really, the only 'celebration' I had in any way, shape or form for my 'big' birthday.  So again... thank you.  I know you are reading this and I need you to know it was a highlight of my otherwise completely typical, normal day.

Apparently there is a meme going around on Facebook of 10 things you hate that you figure most people probably like.  I've always refused to have a Facebook account, but she is a blogger and posted her list on her site.  As I read through her list I basically was like... OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU ME??

Until I got to the end.
I like meat.  I like steak. I like bacon.  But seriously... numbers 1-9 are me.

1) Small dogs.
2) Talking on the phone.
3) Eating out.
4) Noise.
5) Chocolate.
6) City driving.
7) Bananas.
8) Shopping.
9) Medicine.
10) Meat.


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