Gov. Cuomo believes rapists are 'non-violent' and released them to the general population so the poor little men don't catch a virus.

A Brooklyn man was arrested Saturday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman just 10 days after he was released from Rikers Island over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus behind bars, according to a report.

Robert Pondexter was being held at the notorious New York City prison on a separate rape charge when he was released.

He was charged Saturday with attempted rape and sexual assault among other offenses.

Pondexter was released from Rikers Island on April 15 as part of the facility’s effort to improve social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Post reported. He had been held for allegedly raping a different woman who he used drugs with. 

James Little, 41, who was released on parole following his 1995 murder conviction, had been arrested on March 3 for allegedly beating and choking his girlfriend inside her Brooklyn home. He spent three weeks at Rikers Island before he was cleared for release on March 28 after his attorneys argued the jail was a hotbed for infection.

An inmate and a correction officer at Rikers Island both tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-March, union officials and the state corrections department confirmed. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo cleared the way for about 1,200 non-violent offenders who were being held for parole violations to be released from Rikers Island amid concerns about the spread of infection at the facility. 

The jail population has been reduced by 1,669 inmates since March 16, with some 3,888 inmates remaining in custody at Rikers Island, according to a Board of Correction COVID-19 update published Thursday. 

Apparently Gov. Cuomo believes RAPISTS are 'non-violent' and released them to the general population so the poor little men don't catch a virus.  Law abiding citizen's safety doesn't matter.

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