Headaches: New computers and new phones all in the same week. Ha ha.

One week ago I received the new computer I ordered.  I've been fighting with it ever since.

The long story made short is that at some point either at the original factory, or at the 'distribution center' someone replaced the original monitor/display it was supposed to have, with a generic display.  (The manufacturer told me when things like this happen it's usually at the distribution centers, not the original factory.)   So it doesn't have the capabilities it's supposed to have.  And that I paid for.

I know it doesn't sound like a huge deal but if any of you have dealt with trying to communicate with non-English speaking 'English speaking' customer service reps from overseas, you'll understand my frustration.  It was escalated but still to a non-English speaking 'English speaker' and it went a tad bit easier but not much.

The quarantine is making it difficult in numerous ways as well.  Returns are not easy when stores are closed.  No one has replacements in stock as everyone works/schools/communicates from home now during the quarantine and everyone rushed out to buy/order laptops.  The actual computer manufacturers don't even have them in stock.

I've been in direct contact with the company and I'm told a new replacement could take 2 months, but I could get a refurbished one sent to me now.  WHY HP thinks I'd want a refurbished to replace a brand-new-just-out-of-the-box laptop... I don't know.

Anyway...  long, frustrating phone calls and emails in broken English have been a part of every day for the past week.

Among other things.
Lots (and lots) of... other things.


Regular readers might recall I have 2 cellphones.  I think I got my older cell phone in December of 2012 (?).  Back when they made cell phones to last.  It's awesome.  The battery lasts 3 days - unlike cell phones today that last mere hours.  I've had that particular account and phone number for about 18 years now so all my 'older' relatives, extended family, etc. have that number, as well as certain accounts, apps.

However, about 3 (?) years ago it was old enough I could not longer update to any newer operating system updates.  It's as updated as it's going to get and can no longer run any newer iOS - which I believe is up to iOS 13 but my old reliable is forever capped out at using 10.3 or something like that.  Apple doesn't even allow any iOS updates to it and haven't for years.

Also, apps are huge memory hogs now... with so much fluff and crap and tracking built into them.  I had to keep deleting apps and personal photos in order to make room for any app updates.

But the phone is great, it's been in a cover this whole time so it still looks great.  It lasts forever, it's a great backup phone to have and I still use it for so many things.  I don't want to spend $$$ on a new phone when this one is still fine.

BUT... (you knew there was a but coming).

In the past 1 1/2 weeks, one by one, I've been informed by app after app that they are no longer compatible with my phone and I can't use them (...or I have to uninstall and reinstall an older version.  I don't mind using an older version if it still works...) but there are a few that will not work, and won't even let me use them or sign in anymore.

One of those that will not work at ALL anymore is my home security camera app.


And when I had 3 apps in 3 days refuse to work any longer, I knew that I was being forced into updating my phone... when I don't want to.

So, today I have 'new' phone being delivered to replace my old reliable.  The one that's been with me for the past 8 years.  The one that's traveled literally all over this country. The one I keep photos on from 8 years ago just because I love looking back on them (Yeah, they're copied elsewhere but that's not the point). 

I am being forced to update a perfectly good phone....  sigh.
And I hate being 'forced' to do anything.

But when my home security system app wouldn't work on that one anymore I knew... it was time.


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