History has shown them to be liar-pants about... well, literally everything. I don't think this leopard has changed their spots.

Moscow train station.... there is NO WAY Russia has only 63 deaths from Covid-19

If there are two countries that immediately come to mind NOT to trust whatsoever, it would be China and Russia.  So it's... uh, funny (?) that Russia is claiming a grand total of about 63 deaths from the Covid-19 virus as of this morning.

I highly suspect it is in the thousands but you'll never find them admitting it to the world.  Maybe not even their own people as it, like China, is very highly guarded on what they allow their own people to view, read and see.  The propaganda is heavy.  And those with information or trying to speak the truth tend to... disappear or mysteriously die.  (Much like people surrounding the Clinton administration.)

They share a huge (1200 mile? I'm guessing here because I'm too lazy to look it up) border with China.  I would not be at ALL surprised to find out at a later date, they actually made this virus and planted it to spread.  And... I hope to hell those donated masks they sent to America were inspected, tested by top biologists, disinfected and re-disinfected 7 times before they were/are handed out.

Just sayin'.............   meh, maybe it's just the coffee talking again.