How many laptops do you have to order in the hopes that maybe you'll get ONE of them?

If you read my last post, you know my laptop bit the dust.

I knew it was coming... but I really thought it had another month left in it and figured I'd keep it limping along until I could more-easily find a new one.  With the pandemic sending everyone to their homes for both "work at home" and "school" - finding laptops (especially with a webcam and DVD drive) in the past 3 weeks has been difficult unless you want to throw $1000+ at one.  Which I don't.

I researched online and found one from Sam's Club.  Although larger than I would like, at this point, laptops with a DVD drive and webcam that are simply 'available, in stock and ready to ship' were good enough for me.

I printed my order confirmation and I got a notice from my bank that the payment was pending in my account.

The next day, on a whim, because I wanted to visit 'my' laptop and just see it again, and smile at it... I logged into my account and clicked on ORDERS.


My order said....


No reason given.

Here I was, secure in the knowledge I was able to find and order a replacement laptop and just waiting patiently for shipping by "April 21st" ... but I would be waiting until hell froze over because they canceled it for NO REASON and didn't tell me.  DIDN'T TELL ME?

(*I had seen many people complaining to Sam's on their social media platforms about this same issue over the past couple weeks but I didn't quite understand the situation. They show 'in stock' and 'ready to ship' and your order, pay for it, and wait... Sam's cancels your order without ever TELLING you.  NOW I UNDERSTAND their frustration.)

I clicked on the CHAT button on their site to find out WHY my order was canceled - and 'talked' to computer bot who picked up on key words to 'help' me. Basically it said if an order was canceled by Sam's, you can expect an email and a refund within 7 days.


Seven days of waiting and thinking you have a product coming...   if you KNEW it was canceled right away *like any decent company would do* you could immediately try finding a replacement.

*I thought this was a COVID-19 issue - but not only is it not - it's a typical, average any day thing, but emails are all sent out automatically by the computers, not people.  So again, no excuse as to why the customer can't get an email at the same time the store cancels.

Sam's Club THEN goes on to say that if Sam's canceled the order, you can always try to reorder it if it's still in stock.

I check.
Still in stock.

So, I try to order again.
I got the confirmation email (just like last time).
I saw the amount pending in my account.


Once bitten, twice shy.

Yesterday at this time I thought I had a laptop 'purchased' as well.
And officially they STILL haven't told me I don't.
It's only checking the 'status of my order' I see they blew it off.

So I went back online.  I spend another 1 1/2 hours searching for options... and found one at Best Buy.  Not as much memory, not as fast.  Not as good.  BUT it does have the built in webcam and the DVD drive that I require.

What could I do?
What COULD I do?

I ordered it.

So right now I've paid for THREE laptops (big bucks... sorry credit card) with the HOPE THAT MAYBE... JUST MAYBE I WILL GET ONE OF THEM!

Sam's is currently 1 for 2.
I'll check my order status again tomorrow morning for any surprises.
I feel like Best Buy will come through with theirs.
I trust them a little more than Sam's Club.

Heck, you guys!  I just need a computer!!  Ha ha.


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